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  1. If you want a spare to experiment on, there is one currently listed on ebay 200990751375
  2. b_r

    10rd Molot mags.

    I saw two types there - one was the same sort of polymer as a 5rd one. The other had a sort of rubbery non slip coating. One was much more expensive than the other but I did not ask which one as I am already well stocked up on Molot mags.
  3. b_r

    10rd Molot mags.

    Guys - I dont know what the situation is over there at the moment with availability of 10rd factory Molot mags ? If it helps, Oleg at RusMilitary here in UK has just got some in - saw them when I was down there looking at his muzzle brakes.
  4. One of the common causes are allowing your body to "absorb" the recoil - as has been mentioned, try to moniter your technique to eliminate this.
  5. b_r

    Vepr 12 Slamfired?

    Try Oleg at RusMilitary
  6. Let me know the price inc postage from Oleg - I have a spare set I can let you have.
  7. I know - I use one on my AR with STR stock. What I like about these is the size - they REALLY spread the weight - totally transforms recoil and feel - try one !!
  8. I don't ! No weld at all. Just temporarily removed the latch.
  9. Well, it arrived VERY fast - I am impressed. The hinge pin was an absolute pig to remove but I got there.
  10. Update - According to reply, I was quoted in error for a muzzle brake hence higher cost. They are honouring listed prices on website regardless of the country sent to.
  11. Ok that's reassuring - I have e-mailed him for clarification.
  12. Its Shooter shop ru Price was 3500 roubles - reduced to 2500. Unless you are a gullible foreigner it appears.............then you can pay 5000 and get bent over for the shipping too.
  13. Wow - that specially made rear trunnion would be the answer to my prayers !! Was it a one off ? Or can more be obtained ?
  14. Had a look at an online at a Russian retailer selling various shooting kit. They have a Molot Vepr 12 AR adaptor listed at 2500 roubles. That is $76 Reasonable enough. E-mailed them and they offered it to me for $130 plus $70 for shipping ( which takes 3 weeks, but more about that later ) I have e-mailed back asking why the price almost doubles for overseas customers and pointing out that the Post Office charges $30 to post airmail to Russia. It looks like they have simply DOUBLED the cost of the item and doubled the shipping. Oh, and 3 weeks ? Sounds like surface mail
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