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  1. My IZ132 from RWC required me to cut down the mag catch with a dremel for standard mags to fit
  2. After notching my own barrel by eye, if I had to do it again I would as I'm satisfied with my results and a little OCD about originality. One thing different I would do would be to buy two lower handguard retainers and drill the pin (the one that rotates to lock it on the barrel) out of one of them. I would then use the retainer with the drilled out pin, put the lower handguard on, then snug the retainer up to it. You should be able to see just where to file the notch this way instead of guessing where to file on the barrel. I started filing too close to the receiver but didn't mess it up
  3. RWC is just the importer. Mine is 7.62 fyi Importer stamp as required by the ATF
  4. Mine was from RWC group that I converted but came like everyone else's on here with a ten round plastic Izhmash mag all russian parts that I know of when I got it. here you go, this is after my conversion, before paint and attaching the trigger guard
  5. I already used a cordless drill and didn't run into any problems, everything is pinned on including the handguard retainer. I used a file for the handguard retainer and drill bits for everything else. One problem i did run into was that the plunger pin does not go all the way into the fsb enough so that I can remove the slant brake. Im going to have to remove the fsb again to get the slant off then file the U cutout in the plunger a little bit so that it goes in further. That or find a crush washer.
  6. Thanks for the compliments. I picked up some duplicolor engine enamel but maybe I'll try the rustoleam. i also started filling to far back before I learned that I could place the lower handguard on followed by the handguard retainer. I then snugged the retainer toward the receiver and whacked the lever on the receiver with a hammer. This left a mark on the barrel showing me where I needed to file. That's black tapco timbersmith furniture. I wanted red but it's sold out everywhere. I think they are discontinuing the tapco wood. I probably would still buy the red tapco if I could find it.
  7. Almost done. Still need to paint the receiver before I attach the trigger guard
  8. I just tackled this last night, as well as threading the barrel. the only bitch was trying to find the right spot to file for the lower handguard retainer. If I were to do it over again I would buy an extra lower handguard retainer and drill the lever out of it then use it as a guide to file the notch in the barrel. I ended up filing to far toward the receiver at first but got it to work, It ain't pretty but works
  9. good idea, I'll order a jewlers file set and just test fit it on the original groves on the bottom of the barrel (mine was pinned already, just not in the right spot).
  10. What size file did you use? was thinking maybe a good chainsaw file.
  11. does you're new fsb have pins in the bottom like the original or are they on the top? If they are on the top, how are you going about filing a new groove for the pins? only ask because I have been checking hardware stores for a small file for this purpose with no luck.
  12. What do you guys use to cut the grooves when swapping the FSB and lower hand guard retainer? Was thinking of ordering some jewelers blades offline anyone got a specific tool/file they use so I can avoid trial and error?
  13. I've been lurking around several forums before I dive into this conversion and have seen a lot of people have cut the sleeve off of the end of the barrel to add a muzzle attachment. I already have a new (used) front sight post with the detent hole and plunger as well as the grove for the cleaning rod and plan to add a slant muzzle brake. If I'm going to be replacing the entire front sight do I even need to cut the sleeve off? I imagine it is just floating over the barrel and attached to the factory front sight post and would not need cut off as I will be replacing the whole front sight post
  14. Thanks Zero. Order placed. If anyone is looking for these they better order em fast. Probably the only reason they are not sold out is because they don't say "90 degrees".
  15. Took about 15 seconds with a bench grinder, then cleaned it up with a bastard file worked great. Got my shipping confirmation from danzig today, just need to find a gas block somewhere and I'll be good to go. Still haven't found a gas block for sale anywhere. Even tried checking foreign websites.
  16. Well I just received my gas tube in the mail from rusmilitary and it doesn't fit. I can seat it where it goes how ever the lever on the sight block will not close as there is more material on the new gas tube than on the factory one. Do you guys think I could just file down some material on the new (old stock) gas tube where the half moon pin locks in? Also I have been unsuccessful in finding a 90 degree gas block with bayonet lug anywhere. Anyone got a lead on a gas block? I've ordered the conversion kit from danzig. All I need now is the stock, pistol grip and handguard set. If it matters th
  17. Here's a picture. It was at the gun show in Niles Ohio.
  18. For 100 bucks I got a slant muzzle brake, front sight post, lower handguard retainer, lower handguard spring (metal piece that goes in the wood), cleaning rod, 4 spare pins, 2 tapco mags and a polish bayonet. No one had a 90 degree gas block so it looks like I'll be ordering that.
  19. I believe it has a 90 degree gas block on it now. Can I replace it with a 45 degree?
  20. Thanks guys! Heading to the gun show tomorrow I'll let you know what I find.
  21. Hello everyone. this is my first post. I recently purchased an IZ132 from a Dunhams in PA and looking to do a conversion. I cant seem to find the answer to my question in multiple forums or google. Is the bayonet lug supposed to be on the front sight post or gas block? Also does the cleaning rod free float or is it attached somehow? Basically i want to replace the gas block and front sight post with something more "original" and am confused on what I should be purchasing, and where to purchase it. I just ordered a new Russian vented gas tube. This is my first AK and I am not really that
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