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  1. Low inventory.. I don't want to sell out at a discount. I'll do a sale on them in the spring for tax time when we make the next run. It's tax time! +1
  2. Drops in without any mod on VEPR rifle.. The only caveat is the VEPR 12.
  3. I put my 5.45 handguard on my 308 with no fitting if that helps.
  4. Looks nice. I am doing a VEPR 7.62x39 now. Just waiting on Dinzag for some of the parts. Any chance on getting a close up picture of the stock and the DPH adapter? I am working on getting the wood stock that they put on VEPR 12 to fit on my 7.62. It is pretty close. I had to file some off the DPH adapter to get it look flush with the receiver. I have been working on re-contouring the stock because the bottom and sides hang past the receiver. I tried using a Romanian laminate wood stock, but the sides and bottom of the stock were bellowing over the receiver. I ended up contour sanding
  5. I just got my 7.62x39 Vepr from Centerfire. They sold out fast. I was looking for type type 01 for a long time, and then I saw them for $499. I said thank you lord baby Jesus!
  6. What color stain did you use on your furniture? Looks awesome.
  7. Looks nice. What brand lower handguard retainer did you use?
  8. I modified a AGP mag today. The two spots that it rubs on the magwell are the two upper screw points on the magazine. I sanded them pretty good. I was trying to be cautious on sanding too much off and removing material until the screw shank was showing. The bolt hold open is totally recessed into the magazine. I don't see anyway it could be modified to work. I think if you made a new bolt hold open lever with an extended arm, it could work in conjunction with raising the follower. Lots of ifs.
  9. Did you have to slam to get the mag to lock initially? My fixed stock VEPR12 had a mag release that was a lot tighter than my folder. I assume you are using the mag that come with the gun. When did you buy the gun? Sounds like a huge QC issue. Where did you purchase it from. Not sure if you can get a replacement at this point with the sanctions. I have had AK47 mags get that tight Yugo mags. It sounds like the mag catch needs adjusted. I removed my mag catch recently and filed it down to match my other VEPR12. I was able to do without removing the mag well. I did have a hell of a
  10. I am a little confused by the stock recoil spring tensions listed in this post. I know you can use 1911 springs for your Vepr or Saiga 12. I also know the standard weight for a 1911 is 16 lbs. Am I reading this correctly that the stock weight for a Saiga/Vepr 12 is also 16l bs? I was under the impression that it was anywhere from 20-22 lbs for stock recoil springs for Saiga/Vepr 12. It seems this has come up on tons of posts, but nothing concrete.
  11. I just tried removing the plastic mag well today. What a PITA. The pin is extremely tight in the mag catch and will not come out. I have to got to Home Depot and get a new screw driver to grind for the nut and a new punch. I destroyed my punch trying to get that damn thing out.
  12. I assume you removed the mag release to file it. Is that correct? Did you have to remove the mag well too?
  13. I was curious what everyone's magazine releases look like on their VEPR 12s. I have a side folder and a fixed stock and they are two different types. The one pictured below was from the fixed stock. The mag catch is shaped similar to an AK47 style with a U channel. Here is the other mag catch from my side folder. It looks similar to a Saiga 12. The reason I ask is the side folder mag release seams to be smoother when I insert a mag. The fixed stock mag latch seem to be a little longer and I need to remove material from the mag to get it to lock into place. Not a huge deal
  14. You have peaked my interest. But the funny thing is I am trying to get it to cycle bulk pack ammo first. Seems like a lot of people have no issues with bulk ammo, but mine is finicky.
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