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  1. Nice Find 7.62m43! That Looks like the one in 3Gun's Photos. Your Google~Fu is Strong Sir.
  2. Hey vette447, One "Okie" to Another, I think This is the Photo you Saw: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/81316-picture-post-lets-see-your-vepr-12/?p=815520 Try PM'ing 3Gun for the Details as his Posted link in the same thread No Workie.
  3. Here's what the WPA Owners Manual that came with my V12E* calls for.:http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/gallery/image/9396-wpa-owners-manual-5-of-5/ Staying within that specific (32 gram/1.128767 ounce) minimum payload weight, I personally have had 100% reliability. Albeit, I haven't tried anything slower than 1200 fps, or Less than 1.125 ounce (1-1/8 ounce) in payload weight. My V12E* also Seems to Shoot a Bit Softer than my Cousin's base model S12 (Both with 19" inch Barrels, with the same given loads, & without any Recoil Pads or Muzzle Devices Installed), but I found it to be
  4. Here are some of the Pages from the Owners Manual that are the cause of the confusion:
  5. Grazzie PapaZorro. I tried three different emails @ that site (Including: guns@molot.biz) all of which seem to be non functioning, so I sent a message via their web page contact messager at this website: http://www.molot-guns.com/ Hopefully they'll be able to shed some light on the subject.
  6. Спасибо "Papa Zorro". Due to the Apparent Lack of Accurate Information provided in the Owners Manual and Origin Certification by "WPA" (Wolf Performance Arms) the Importer of my V12, I'll use your Recommended Model Designation of "VEPR-12E" or "V12E for future Reference. Your Passion, and Pride for these Shotguns is Understandable, and You Should be Commended for Your Product Knowledge and Support of these Fine Weapons. Maybe I can find a Direct Email for MOLOT-ORUZHIE Customer Service, and through them Discover the Exact Factory Production Model Designation Based on my V12E Ser
  7. That's Very Interesting "PZ". I have apparently been misinformed then. Although you should know that my Owners Manual, Preservation Certificate, Packing Certificate, & Acceptance Certificates all Indicate it is a "VEPR-12 Molot cal. 12/76 (conventional Name ВПО-205-04)" with a Barell Length of:"483mm" Manufactured by "MOLOT-ORUZHIE" on "28FEB13". [*Note: All Serial #'s Stamped into the Receiver, Bolt-carrier, Bolt, & Gas Tube do Match the Certification Paperwork exactly.] I've Thoroughly Enjoyed all of Your Information you've Shared on this Forum As well as on the VEPR Forum, &
  8. Nice Hog and Beautifully Equipped Rifle! Always Thought the 54R would make a Great Hog Round. Will have to Configure One Myself.
  9. Thanks. Definitely a Keeper! Configured this way you'd swear you were shooting a small carbine rather than a 12-Gauge. So Far It's Been Well Balanced, and 100 Percent Reliable Right Out of the Box! A Fast & Flexible Platform that is a True Joy to shoot. I'd Highly Recommend Them to Everyone.
  10. Stumbled across this Handy 922R Compliance WIKI/Worksheet (Specifically for S12/V12 Shotguns): http://gunwiki.net/Gunwiki/BuildSaigaShotgunVerifyCompliance Makes it pretty Easy to figure. Interestingly enough, it appears the S12, & V12s Shoties have one Additional Foreign Part (by BATFE definition) Than a Comparable AK style Rifle does. Differences in the Gas Systems as it appears from this source. Be sure to Read the BATFE Letter links, Here: http://gunwiki.net/JustTheLaw/RefSaigaATF where they Define the Total number of Parts VS the Total 10 foreign part limit requ
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