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  1. Are these gone? I wanted to order one but was out of town and when I got back home they were showing "out of stock". If anyone bought one and has since decided they don't want it, please let me know. I would like to try to buy it from you.
  2. Very cool. Those are great conversions
  3. I almost ordered one of those to try but I like my left side ambi safety lever so I have held off. I am sure it is a good quality unit.
  4. Looks like the correct Russian Vepr-12 bbl length, which I think is about 17", like the guns that Legion brought in.
  5. Love it, looks similar to mine. What muzzle device is on that one?
  6. No. I am still looking to purchase or trade for 1 or 2 of the Molot extended mag releases if possible.
  7. Thanks. Those that CSS has for sale are very similar but they are aftermarket and I would prefer to have the factory Molot mag releases if possible.
  8. Does anyone else have one of these Vepr-12 factory ambi extended mag releases they would like to trade for a standard mag release lever (or sell outright)? I have two Vepr-12s that I got from Legion awhile back and I would really like to have this factory ambi extended mag release on both of them. If you are interested in trading or selling you factory extended mag release, please let me know. Thanks!
  9. It looks like a pretty solid piece (literally). It is too bad that they did not go ahead and cut the slots for the flash hider so it is not a fake hider. It does give a flash hider looking muzzle attachment that accepts chokes though.
  10. Thanks. I believe it is made by DPH. I tried looking for this win choke hider....no luck. Can you remember where you bought it? Thanks!! T I think I got it from CSS but they have not had them in awhile. I bought it because I thought it looked nice and was a good idea. Then I put it in a drawer and almost for about it until I was having Legion put those guns together. The DPH was the perfect length for legality while looking like a Russian hider and still giving the option for chokes on a permanent muzzle attachment.
  11. Would you mind sharing what you figured out in order to easily get the spring and mag catch installed back on the gun?
  12. I agree with what was said above. It lines your eye up nicely with the sights and is very comfortable. Also, the angle is similar to the buttstock angle on most AK's.
  13. May not be a big deal to you but that recoil pad will not allow your stock to lock in a folded position and adds a decent amount of weight to the stock. I have a few of them and they feel like it is a good recoil pad as it is farily soft rubber.
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