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  1. I've been trying to find this Manticore Vepr-12 keymod handguard for some long time by now. I missed the time when it was in production, and then it was discontinued by the manufacturer. Almost found it 3 times but still missed it for one or another reason. Seems like it's evading me on purpose :). If anyone has this handguard in their possession that they don't need, don't want, or don't use, please send me a message, I'll take it off your hands :). Thank you guys!
  2. Up for sale SGM quad-rail forearm for Saiga shotgun model # SGMT12QR. This one of the best forearm options for Saiga, direct fit for 12GA Saiga Shotgun. More info on the manufacturer site. Any questions - let me know (PM). $80 + free shipping. Brand new Official SGMT-"SGM tactical" brand Model # SGMT12QR Saiga 12 gauge "quad"-rail forend Provides 4 weaver-picatinny rails Great for all your accessories- scopes, sights, flashlights, lasers, bipods, grips, or anything that attaches to a weaver/picatinny rail Remove top rail to use original steel sights on shotguns Manufactured of HT
  3. Guys, I've got Vep-12 from LegionUSA recently and put through about 200 rounds with at least 50% FTE no matter what I load in it. So far I've tried: 1. Federal 3 dram, 1 1/8 oz, 8 shot, 1200 fps - 3/10 FTE 2. Remington 3 dram, 1 1/8 oz, 8 shot, 1255 fps - 4/10 FTE 3. Winchester 3 dram, 1 1/8 oz, 8 shot, 1200 fps - 8/10 FTE 4. RIO 3 dram, 1 oz, 7.5 shot, 1280 fps - 10/10 FTE 5. RIO 3 dram, 1 oz, 8 shot, 1280 fps - 10/10 FTE What's your experience with Vepr-12? Does it feed anything or is it picky? I hear that it suppose to eat any type of ammo due to self-regulating gas system but g
  4. I use CLP to clean insides, Hoppe's 9 solvent and then Hoppe's 9 gun oil for the bore. On rails I put some "Jardine's Extreme" grease. And in the gas chamber I usually very lightly lube with some moly grease. Runs smooth and fine. I think I'm overdoing things though :-).
  5. As I know Legion and Aquila are the same thing. Legion sells what's imported by Aquila. Might be wrong though.
  6. That is correct. I'll see how long it will live. Russian markings are on the right side and include the selector, the manufacturer and the name. On the left side there are engraved US markings and stamped imported markings. Selector markings may not live long but the manufacturer and the the model name are located in front of the extraction port and normally would not be erased/damaged by normal usage of the gun.
  7. The price for *US Markings* have dropped to $1299 from Legion. And they do not let you choose the markings between US and Russian on their page. I've asked Alex from Legion about the Veprs with Russian markings and apparently they are pretty rare and on high demand. I don't think that anyone else have Veprs with Russian markings imported in US. I've got mine when they were selling them for $1399 russian version of cause .
  8. Back in stock for $999 but... not for sale in CA. Sure as usual... Had to get one from Legion shipped to CA for extra $$$. California Handguns must be on the California Approved Handgun List No Mags over 10 rounds No Semi-Auto Rifles No Semi-Auto Shotguns
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