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  1. Corbinworks

    Trigger Mod

    I will have to look in to this.
  2. Corbinworks

    Trigger Mod

    So I have the S12 broke down to do some cleaning and port work, I was looking at the trigger, Does any one trim down the underside of the hammer to shorten the pull?
  3. Corbinworks

    Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

    My S12 from Tampa Fl USA, Working on getting a brake, Just have not found what I am looking for just yet..
  4. Corbinworks

    Lone Star Arms Vepr 12s

    Can you buy this Brake?
  5. Corbinworks

    Problems at the range today

    Thank you for the info, Looks like my BHO is stocking out and feel s spring loaded, I can push it in and it returns back out..Also something I see from testing to try and find the problem is the shell I am using to test load it getting beat up on the front edge..
  6. Corbinworks

    Problems at the range today

    Sorry I do not know what "BHO" means..I removed the bolt and looked for anything out of the norm, Everything looks fine..Now I can pull the bolt back with no magazine its only when the loaded magazine is locked in that it will not slide..
  7. Corbinworks

    Problems at the range today

    I was using a new 10rd mag,(First time) but tested it with the stock 5rd mag with only one shell in it, Same thing, Last night I tried to look it over and see if I could see what was holding it up and was unable to see anything..
  8. Corbinworks

    Problems at the range today

    So I had something really odd happen today, I have not taken it take to see whats going on yet, But heres what happened, I used 10rds set the gun down, picked up the Saiga762 for 30rds and then loaded both mags back up, When I went to load the S12 mag in the gun went fine but was unable to pull the bolt back, If I lock the bolt open with no mag and then install the loaded mag it was fine, Only when the loaded mag was installed I was unable to pull the bolt back..really odd... I will try and get in to it this week and see whats going on..any one else have this happen? -Paul
  9. Corbinworks

    Back Orders?

    Thank you!
  10. Corbinworks

    10% CSS discount code

    Saved $31.00!!!! Thanks again!
  11. Corbinworks

    Back Orders?

    I went on the Chaos page and it shows the Titan full W/sights for the S12 on back order, Why will this be avable? Thanks -Paul