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  1. Thats no deal, you can buy them all day at the Ammunition Store for $199.00 1000 rds.
  2. The Ammunition Store is selling 7.62x39 1000 rds. of HP for $199.00.
  3. Sgammo has 7.62x39 75 rd. drums they're selling for $69.00 they're Romanian made.
  4. Actually you can buy them for $3999.00. I'm buying one today before Barack signs an exec. order to ban them. SPI out of Las Vegas has the 60hz. at that price.
  5. The sight that came with the gun didnt have a windage adjustment on it just up/down. This new one I bought has windage. Thank you so much, that was much better than the little manual the gun came with, man it was so easy after watching this. Thanks again.
  6. I went and shot my new vepr 7.62x39 today, this is by far the best shooting rifle Ive ever shot PERIOD. The ammo I bought from the Ammunition store fired very good as well, it cycled perfectly. For $209.00 for 1000 rds. adds to the quality.
  7. The Ammunition store has & 7.62x39 1000 rds. for $209.00 + $30 shipping.
  8. Deadeye, Im sorry but Im really wet behind the ears on this gun. Could you explain with a little more detail on how to remove the rear sight so I can install the new one?.
  9. Today I bought a new vepr 7.62x39, and a open with windage. Can anyone tell me how to change it out?. I jacked with it for a couple hours today, and couldn't figure it out. Any bit of help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Ive got a 2cyl. EFI motor with 10 hrs. on it, I'd like to trade for a FLIR scope 60hz. I will include a propeller with the motor, and 2 spun aluminum fuel tanks 1-4gal. & 1-5gal.
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