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    S12 mag pouches/holsters?

    These are the specific Saiga 12 pouches with a sgm 12 and 10 rounder loaded in, initial feelings are this was a good choice. Very secure after a quick adjustment and I couldn't shake the mag out of it but could easily pull it out. The standard AR/AK pouches do fit a Saiga mag as well but the purchase it has on a larger one isn't something I'd trust. Maybe with a 8 rounder or the 5 rounder I have pictured. I tried putting 2 mags Saiga mags into the double pouch and it worked but I think the pouch would be awkward with anything bigger then a oem 8 rounder. 5 round oem mag in the 2+1 10 round apg and 5 round oem mag were very secure and I probably needed to relax the cord a bit.
  2. heisman01

    S12 mag pouches/holsters?

    I was referring to the taco pouches as I like that style more vs the romy pouch Actually I just found this! http://www.ebay.com/itm/HSGI-MOLLE-HCM-Extended-Taco-Magazine-Pouch-Multicam-Kryptek-Coyote-OD-BLK-/331196896216?var=&hash=item4d1cdf93d8:m:m9ObPC-m1fQd5XgmTMKZ0hQ
  3. heisman01

    S12 mag pouches/holsters?

    thats not a bad option, at least its built for a saiga but I kinda want something like a triple ak mag pouch but for these 10-12 round mags
  4. heisman01

    S12 mag pouches/holsters?

    Thanks for the suggestion, do you think a double mag one would work or go with the single? They didn't have one for a 308.
  5. Anyone know of any type of mag retention system for sgm/apg/stock style mags if its a bungee style or Velcro or krydex snap in that would have a molle strap system? Or would these mags fit in a typical ak47 mag pouch?
  6. heisman01

    Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

    project time: ccs realibilty kit jte trigger spring moe stock vltor stock adapter ar grip adapter in the mail: quad rail magpul ar grip on the hunt for: fde 10-12 round mags RDS 1 point sling maybe AFG
  7. heisman01

    MD Arms Double Stack Mag Patent

    Its always good to have new options for mags, but 2 companies making a similar product is even better! @ MD if you want any other testers I'm right down I75 in cincy
  8. I wish I would have noticed this thread I just ordered $160 worth of stuff
  9. heisman01

    Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

    my new saiga next to my vepr 7.62x39