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  1. "All" ? Think they generalize much? Lol. Although, that does look interesting.
  2. Thanks! There does seem to be some rubbing, but it also seems to present the shells too high. They then slam into the top of the edge of the chamber entrance. Not sure of the correct terms. The shells get stopped hard enough to deform the plastic... a lot. I have trimmed the mags to reduce drag and it's getting better. The factory 5 rnd seems to work fine now.
  3. My friend has one of those. Nice gun. Trigger is a little gritty and lurchy with a heavy wall in DA. SA is not bad. Polishing the action, lifter, hammer hooks spring swaps snd a few other "tricks" will drop the DA below 6# of butter smooth.
  4. Oh I see it now.. Yep that is a problem. Looks like the part was set in the process machine incorrectly which cause the pocket to be formed incorrectly.. It did not wear out, the part was made wrong. Gosh. I see it now. Amazing that no matter how many of these come through the door, there's always something new. Hey, Mike, just noticed you are in ALBQ. We used to live over on the mesa in Rio Rancho by the Intel Plant. Anyway... Put the new carrier in and the gun now cycles without locking up. However, issues remain. But, I think it's magazine related more than anything. Now,
  5. Dang! Called on Friday and "ding dong" ... package on the porch. Good customer service? I'd call it great!
  6. I agree! Hoping the replacement is much better!
  7. I am hopeful the replacement part is done correctly. Will post up on how that works out.
  8. I positioned the bolt to show the "tab" that rides in the "slot" can jump out of the slot. But, thank you for posting that video. It shows a lot of detail.
  9. Contacted SDS and while thw issue is disappointing the response was refreshing. Good CS. He is sending a replacement carrier asap. He thinks it was an "old part" with a known and corrected problem. I do believe him and will update when the new "corrected" part comes in. For the record, i am optimistic!
  10. You can see in the one picture how loose it fits in tbe carrier. That allows the bolt to get out of the channel in the carrier on recoil and bind up.
  11. The bolt carrier seems to be worn out after 140 Federal bulk pack bird shot rounds fired. The bolt doesn't rotate and binds the action. Contacting sds imports shortly.
  12. Happens with 2 brand new sgm 12 round magazines. And... the gun FUBAR'ed tonight at a 3gun practice. Fail to FEED. rounds just wouldn't go into the chamber. Will have to investigate tomorrow.
  13. Dang, spoke too soon. Last round...the magazine is up into the receiver slightly too high and is knocking the spent case off the extractor on the way back. Why only one the last round? Dunno! Does anyone make a mag hold that is slightly longer?
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