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  1. My personal favorite pistol is my Glock 19, it's been with me through countless range trips and I trust it to work every time. I also love my AR-15, it's a great rifle for target shooting and hunting. It's versatile and I can customize it to suit my needs. And when it comes to shotguns, my go-to is my Remington 870, it's a classic and always gets the job done. I've taken it hunting and it's been reliable and accurate every time. I also wanted to mention that if you're in the market for ammo, I highly recommend to buy 44-40 winchester ammo. It's a great round for both hunting and target shootin
  2. I have a MacBook Pro; it's almost five years old. So I would definitely choose the MacBook Pro because that's what I've been testing, and I have a lot of apps that work great. But as one of my friends said, it depends on your needs. The Mac Book pro is pretty heavy to carry around, whereas the Air is lighter. But I take it wherever I go, and it works at its best. I also lost important files from it, and I didn't know how to recover them. But I found the guys on salvagedata.com who solved my problem in a few hours.
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