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  1. That's unfortunate it's not chrome lined. I was going to buy one to have a 2nd spare.
  2. You could try welding but I'd be worried about the chrome lining in the messed up area
  3. Kusa has barrels for $90 https://kalashnikov-usa.com/product/ks-12-12ga-shotgun-barrel/
  4. Here https://saigaclub.net/saiga-ak-vepr-svd-parts/buttstock-saiga-ak-vepr-svd/collapsible-buttstock-saiga https://saigaclub.net/saiga-ak-vepr-svd-parts/quadrail-saiga-ak-vepr-svd/quad-rail-saiga-12-saiga-20
  5. My saiga 12, going to chop the barrel to 11in and have it threaded for rem chokes after I file my paperwork.
  6. Remove top cover partly fold the stock and push the pin from the bottom up.
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