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  1. Oh that sucks... they added more to those damn things? Yup. One in the front, one in the back, one on each side. It's really fun to wear in 130 degree weather. FWIW, and to stray further off topic...I just weighed my IOTV (Improved Outer Tactical Vest-what the Army calls the latest generation body armor, with the side plate holders designed in and the quick release for if you fall in the water. Marines may have something slightly different.) It came in at 38 lbs with all plates, 12 empty mags, and aid pouch. No canteen, camelback, or bullets. Oh, that's for a size Medium-Long (
  2. Just the basics: K-var stock, Tapco SAW pistol grip, Tromix DIY trigger guard and FCG. Plus Bible and pic of myself & my wife
  3. Any idea when you'll have the out of stock Tromix conversion parts (specifically, the FCG and DIY trigger guards) back in stock? Ya'll beat Dinzag on price by a few bucks, but I'm wondering if I might get parts quicker from them, even with their advertised 2-4 week delay.
  4. Um...I only counted $165 for the stock itself, plus about $135 to do the other parts right. It could be worse. You could be tricking out an AR with a MagPul PRS for $255 just for the stock. http://www.magpul.com/catalog/index.php?ma...products_id=193 Or you could get really spendy and put one of those on an ACE adapter block with AR adapter on your converted Saiga-308.
  5. Are there any functional differences between the two? From what I can tell, the only major difference is that the Saigatech uses a small screw as a safety stop, where the Tromix uses bent sheet metal thats part of the TG. Any preferences out there? And how much of a PITA for a somewhat mechanically uninclined individual would that extra screw be?
  6. If I do a basic conversion with a basic AK stock, how difficult would it be to remove the AK stock and replace it with an ACE stock later? I ask because I'm looking to do the simplest conversion I can right now, and save the more complicated stuff for later.
  7. Dinzag used to offer an AK-74 style brake, but it seems to have disappeared from their site, was well as from Tromix's page showing their various conversion jobs. Tromix also has their competition and Moster brakes, as well.
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