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  1. Does anyone know how to remove saiga rear sight??? Thanks
  2. I know both of them should perform the same but 5.54 are much cheaper ammo to get compare to .223. should I get AK-74 or saiga 223? I already had s-308 and s 7.62 and really want one classic AK look rifle. any suggestions?? Thanks.
  3. i thought most country who had AK as their militery rifle use 5.45? so It shouldn't be hard to finding surplus ammo. Well, it's kind of a failure commercially. You can get 7.62x39 just about anywhere in the world. Try getting the 5.45 to feed your rifle and you'll understand what was meant.
  4. The reason I'm thinking getting 5.45 is the ammo are cheap.. I think maybe half price of .223?
  5. saiga rifle are single or double stack rifle? what is different between them? does anyone have AK-74 rifle? thinking of getting one on next purchase.
  6. anyone want to sell s-308 8rd mag? please pm me. Thanks
  7. I love AK platform gun for long time, I used to own MAC 90 make by China long time ago. I just found out we can own Saiga in CA. I sold my Socom 16 and purchased these 2 rifles, although we are not allowed to make any mode on rifle. I still thankful I can own them. The only think I'm worry are 308 ammo, can't find any cheap surplus ammo anymore. I still have over 1400 SA in stock.
  8. Where and how did you get that rifle?
  9. I know this will happen to me so I purchased 1 x39 and 1 308 at once.
  10. I have 2 new Saiga rifle coming to FFL dealer, one x39 and 308 I will clean both rifle before take them to range, anything I should be aware? Thanks.
  11. I got reply back from RRA HI DAVID, THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN OUR PRODUCTS. WE ARE NOT APROVED BY THE ATF TO BRING IN THE SAIGA M. SORRY.......... Yes I too wish we could get them just as shown above. If I had a .308 in the wood above, I would just run it as is.
  12. how about some pictures for the new guy.
  13. remi

    Can this be done?

    Thank you for all your input, I thought I can just replace S-308 trigger or FCG, I'm from Kali... We are so lucky to own Saiga in our state I guess I will need to get used to the trigger on S-308.
  14. Anyone here use this ammo on S-308 before?? Pakistani .308/7.62x51 ammunition Thanks.
  15. Please advice can this be done? I will not convert to PG just replace new FCG. THANKS.
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