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  1. the russian paint is well crap.. you can remove most of it with hoppes solvent and a white rag... we have refinished many of the saigas.. quick fix for you gun is brownells alumahyde II rattle can of flat black. $10.. online.. you must let it cure for a while to be fully hardened.. but it will eventually peel because you are applying it on crap paint... propper fix would be to: strip rifle ,remove original rusky paint.. chemically first, solvent or thinner,, then bead blast exterior to metal.. degrease 100% twice. parkerize.. then paint with alumahydeII. this is the process we use.. any
  2. was looking at these for the price sounds good 06 has 22in bbl button rifling, accutype trigger, and fluted bolt. synthetic stock. was wonderingif anyone got one and tried it out for groups?
  3. looking for the tantal ak74 handguards/lower handguard especially/ but would consider a set .wood wil do, dont really need bakelite . no buttstock needed... for stamped receiver.want it for 7.62 gun.j even if you dont have what i am interested in if you have leads to some please contact pm or email thanks
  4. at our club way back when we first started 3 gun we went with ipsc rules..they were mostly for handgun and we adapted them to 3 gun.. thee used to be diagrams on ipsc course layouts. and we used the lalyout for the national postal match for 3 gun... you might look up individual clubs and try to contact their people that run matches to see if any have some course alyouts.. alot of our coursed we actualy made ourselves taking into consideration safety and terrain layout.. our first priority will all of them was safety,, keeping bullets on the range property was paramount.. remember one thing
  5. lsgs


    is that them making that receiver? yuk..screw that,, and by the way that was the point of this thread the russians attitude like the french,, we dont care f you,, just give us money... going throughthis with another russian optics co. right now.. after thats resolved screw em . like the products but not with those prices and no customer support... i can get screwed by a u.s. co. and have an address to knock on door...
  6. lsgs


    funny you should mention that i was on gunbroker earlier and saw some u.s. made saiga 12 receivers in the white.. dont remeber who makes em but was thinking similar.
  7. Has anyone stopped to thank the russians for making a shotgun so we could use our kick ass yankee drums? like maybe send some pics over there thanking them so we could make and sell what was being asked of them for years? geez you think they would care that they just lost out on selling some overpriced stuff to us with no product support? sounds like an opportunity? think they wanna buy some drums?
  8. i carry 1911's al day both full size bushinless setup and micro compact my preferred carry holster for 1911 since it is recomended cock and locked with safety on is the galco fletch holsters.. they are about $70 ea. good heavy leather brown or black, great stiching full coverage including thumbstraprecomended for any 1911 , i dont care what you're argument is,, the fletch has enough rake, about 30 degress forward to it to make a 1911 comfortable.. inside the pants i switch to a glock... a little easier to hide a 26/27 in pants of a fat boy. oh and fletch holster is an ultra high ride. so a f
  9. well just like mike said i would have tracking number in a day or two,, got one late last night.. should be expecting the brown truck any time.. thanks mike
  10. i replyed to mike on the second batch email he told me that i should be getting a tracking number in a day or two. i asked him how close he was on orders.. mine was #1228 he said he was at about #1190 . he said it was ok to post this from email. figured it might help answer some question for those who are still wondering where they sit on the shipping list for first run... i dont know what or how the orders are being processed but this sounds encouraging as it is diligent progress. thanks mike cant wait for next batch... p.s. my order date was dec 01 if that helps anyone figure thin
  11. well i reallydidnt mean to just use a2,, what i should have been clearer on was to ask about any finish for the material these drums are made of, and if anyone has had any idea's or experience with this yet, i am all for using my favorite rattle can paint
  12. ok now that these are getting into our sweaty little hands,, and for those testers who have already had the priviledge,, could or can or would you paint this material to match the pattern on a saiga? mine are all painted with aluma hyde 2 in a flectarn pattern , if these can be painted camo what to use? i ordered mine with smoke back plate so i would leave that alone but rest of body would be a nice match.. any knowledge here? i am assuming that the poymer body is similar to other mag bodies from fb in the 308s, and thd agp 10 rounders for the 12 ga. these paint fine with aluma hyde 2
  13. i have been wondering about something i have owneddifferent drums in the past and the sythetic materials they were made of were always advertised as needing no lubrication but alway ended up needing some sort of graphite or other dry lube. anyone that helped in the developement of these know if an added dry lube will be beneficial or needed at all? i seem to remember reading in a post somewhere that the material had some natural lubricity properties of its own....i am wondering this because all of the 10 rounders i bought from fb worked way better with some remington dry film lube squirted
  14. we've done several ak's and what we have found is this,, bead blast everthing twice,,, degrease as much as needed...parkerize,,, yep parkerize,, dont matter what color,, then paint,,, paint sticks great to parkerizing,,, you can set up a home park tank reasonably with stuff rom brownells and do it out in back yard ,,, not alot of heat required ,,,, just stinks..all of this after all metal work is done.. by the way we are using brownells alumahyde 2 in rattle cans for paint,,, let it set up no bake for a coupleof weeks to harden and cure,, its tough stuff... this is a long process but fin
  15. well i have tried aluma hyde 2 and it peeled right off... i have now bead blasted the sucker and duracoated it... it dont like that finish either so it went back to the blasting bin... so now i got the great idea of dumping it into the parkerizing tank.. guess what it took got a nice fuzzy matte black finish.. i am no metal expert but what i am thinking is that the tenifer hardening and parkerizing is somewhat similar to the original garand hardness with the 8620 steel used in the receivers. so after cleaning degreasing and several bead lblasts,, and a nice park bath the finish cam
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