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  1. I have 4x factory Glock 15rd. mags in excellent condition. Sell as a lot of 4 for $180. shipped to your door.
  2. I have 4x factory Glock 15rd. mags in excellent condition. Sell as a lot of 4 for $180. shipped to your door.
  3. I have a total of 15 AK mags, 9x Thermamolds 30rds 2x 10rd Russian (factory Saiga's) 2x Metal surplus 30rd 1x Bulgy slab side 30rd 1x Bulgy Circle 10 30rd I have 1048rds of ammo: 1000 Wolf Military classic 123gr HP 48rds American Eagle 124gr FMJ This is a package deal, I don't want to hassle with a few here and there. $550.00 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.
  4. I have a buyer for the scope, mount, and bipod. Without those items, the price is $800.00
  5. Just in time for Christmas! I have had more than a few Saiga's over the years.. This one I built and took it to the range, put less than 50rds through it and put in the safe. It has ended up sitting there. It has the TWS rail on it with a Armalite one piece scope mount with a Millet 1x4 DMS-1 scope. Magpul MOE adjustable stock, Houge grip, and Harris bipod. Comes with factory mag and one 20rd mag. Very nicely set up rifle. If you add it all up we're pushing $1,400.00 plus the conversion. To a good home for $1050.00 including shipping. The bills are paid and the kids are all fed,
  6. Just popped my head in here to check on things and saw this... I'm glad you guys are doing well. Stay safe.
  7. Bump to edit: I haven't put much effort into selling this, but with all the talk about S12's lately, it reminded me. I would trade for a AR10 rifle.
  8. I'll just add that the Heller decision said the the 2A is a right and it has nothing to do with sporting purposes. In my mind there is a basis for a suit if they try to ban any modifications like rails , fore grips, lights , etc. They currently don't have any of the evil features, so what would be the basis for import ban or DD? They would have to ban the modification to add them, but that would make them have to use the "sporting" yardstick which could be challenged based on Heller.
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