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  1. wjm

    Want to play a game? Part 6

    9786 4328 1422 Thanks Mike.
  2. wjm

    WTB Izmash 8 round mag

    I will take it. sold to TwentyNizzo
  3. wjm

    WTB Izmash 8 round mag

    I have one brand new - never loaded or inserted factory Izhmash 8 round mag for the Saiga 12 that I will sell for $135 shipped.
  4. wjm

    Want to play a game? Part 5

    126 527 2524 Thanks Mike!
  5. wjm

    What to play a game? Part 4

    485 744 5274 Thanks Mike
  6. This is an authentic Tony Rumore/Tromix Saiga 12 conversion (certificate of authenticity will be provided prior to the sale). The gun is brand new, unfired with the exception of Tony possibly firing it after the conversion. This Saiga is one of his early conversions, and with the same high quality he is providing today. It will come with the 5 round mag that came with it new. The furniture is K-Var black poly with a SAW pistol grip. The muzzle brake is affixed with loc tite, and it does have a bolt hold open device. Work performed by Tromix: The fire control group was move forward A Tromix trigger guard was welded in place The left over trigger axis pin holes were TIG welded closed U.S. fire control components were installed The gas block was aligned as required K-Var black poly hand guards and fixed stock were installed The extractor and extractor bbl relief were tuned All metal was Sand blasted with aluminum oxide media and refinished with black bake-on Norrell Moly Resin. My asking price is $1,050 FTF in the Tampa FL area. Shipping is $27.00 I will email pictures upon request. I can take Paypal at: + 3.5%
  7. wjm

    Want to play a game? Part 3

    4563 3444 527
  8. SPF I have for sale, 1 brand new Russian Izhmash factory 8 round magazine for the Saiga 12 reduced from $145 to $135 shipped. Paypal add 3.5%
  9. wjm

    hello are you there

    kjkrink and eisman You guys are out of line and deserve all the shit you get from this forum, and then some. You obviously didn't bother to take the time to research Mike Davidson/MD Arms. Had you done so, you would have learned that Mike is a highly respected member of this community. Instead, kjkrink kicked in the front door, and with only a couple posts, and proceeded to piss all over someone we all respect. Bad move!! Jeaux E hit the nail on the head.
  10. wjm

    Big changes at MD Arms!!!

    Mike, I see another Orange County Choppers in the making. Wishing you the success those guys have had. You build it, we'll buy it!
  11. wjm

    customer service

    UPBEARUP I couldn't agree more. We have all been newbies at one time or another; but show some respect. Stop acting like assholes and listen to what knowledgeable members are saying.