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Question about pressures regarding suppressed Vepr

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So, when I usually resort to asking a question on one of my forums, it's usually a doozy. Well, maybe not this one for someone running a similar setup.

So, I'm basically going to be using one of my suppressors on my Vepr. The rifle is the 23" barrel one in 7.62x54R. Suppressor is a Crux Nemesis338. Don't feel comfortable running my 30BAS in that a 308 bullet is slightly smaller than a 7.52x54R in diameter plus you never know how congruent the treading is on my barrel.

My questing, do I need to worry about the increase in gas pressures and if so, what modifications to the rifle do I need to perform? I'd rather not spend the money on an adjustable gas block if I don't need one. Rounds I will be using are 203gr. SP.


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The gun would be fine, but they are kinda borderline over gassed anyway. If you are really concerned about it, perhaps this would be the very best solution:


Apologies if one of the site vendors offers this part.

I know on the other site, there was some discussion of some variants of the '54 R verson coming with an adj plug in the gas block that you could change by removing the gas tube and rotating. It might be possible to make a retrofit for your existing parts, but my memory is a little rusty, given that I don't own one myself.

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As far as concentricity, I know how I would test: 1 verify that the particular bullet is stable in your gun by shooting cardboard at various ranges. It shows keyholes better than paper. So does particle board.

2) Mount the suppressor, and remove the bcg. you should be able to visually look down the bore. If you can see any crescent portions of the suppressor in the bore, then you don't wanna risk it. Easier to do with a light and with the gun clamped down solid.


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