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Question about pressures regarding suppressed Vepr

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So, when I usually resort to asking a question on one of my forums, it's usually a doozy. Well, maybe not this one for someone running a similar setup.

So, I'm basically going to be using one of my suppressors on my Vepr. The rifle is the 23" barrel one in 7.62x54R. Suppressor is a Crux Nemesis338. Don't feel comfortable running my 30BAS in that a 308 bullet is slightly smaller than a 7.52x54R in diameter plus you never know how congruent the treading is on my barrel.

My questing, do I need to worry about the increase in gas pressures and if so, what modifications to the rifle do I need to perform? I'd rather not spend the money on an adjustable gas block if I don't need one. Rounds I will be using are 203gr. SP.


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