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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a lynx 12 and I started looking for handguard options. I came across the saiga 12 quad rail by black aces tactical (UPC 741459538170 if anyone is wondering). It looked like a nice high quality unique rail. It was the perfect look I was going for because I didn't want a full quad rail. I couldn't find any information on it or any reviews AT ALL so I thought that was kind of suspect. I still went ahead and purchased it because I saw they made another rail for the Mossberg shockwave and I had seen good reviews. So the rail gets here, and I begin installing it. The instructions were just a few black and white photos with a few descriptions of which screws go where, easy enough. I then get to the part of installing the side rail bracket and I come across the issue. The 2 bolts that screw in from the bottom of the side rail do NOTHING at all. I know that side rail mounts have a screw that goes into the slot on the side rail. These 2 bolts just screw back into the bracket and don't tighten to the side rail at all. I showed it to a Lgs gunsmith and he was stumped on how it was supposed to mount. I've tried contacting black aces but their email is only a sales email and they aren't accepting phone calls. Just wanted to see if any of you could help me out in figuring out what the issue is here before I start spamming them with emails lol. I love the look and feel of the rail, but right now it feels like I just wasted my money and I'm kind of wishing I just went with the basic saiga 12 quad rail from UTG. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks everyone! 








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So are the two "bottom" bolts large enough to catch the on either side of the rail to prevent movement from recoil? Other idea is the bolts "tighten" the mount onto the rail, but that seems like a bad idea/won't work.

The top two bolts are confusing me since it looks backwards.

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That piece attaches to the supplied rail via the two holes that are counter sunk. (2 holes showing). The actual supplied rail is attached on barrel and gas tube using another supplied block. 
the two longest supplied screws go through the bottom of the side rail block (pictured here) and squeeze/pinch this block to the side rail. 

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Sorry for the super late reply, i never saw the email that the post had a reply. Yes the mount pretty much just pinches onto the side rail. Haven’t had the chance to shoot it with the rail yet, but here’s a pic with the rail on incase anyone wants to see how it looks. 


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Just bought a Lynx Yesterday and registered here. Saw this and panicked for a second. I just bought that same rail. Glad to see you got it worked out. 

I assume the rail also attaches to the stock screw location up front, as well as sliding into the front of the receiver?

I like how it looks with the rail installed. 


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