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Haven't been in here in about 12 years, just got a Cheetah 12, curious what people say about them?

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I was last here about 2009.   After 2009, my late wife started going down hill and I had to take care of her full time and had to leave my job.  

Money was super tight, ended up having to sell my 2 Saiga 12s around 2013 or so. 

In 2015, my wife passed away.  Met my current wife after that and have since remarried.   I have started my career back up and am now back into the gun hobby.

I knew that Saigas were long gone and that is tops of my regret guns to sell but honestly, when it came to surviving or not, i sold the guns.   I now have a great job and a wife who makes good money too so I'm back into the gun hobby. Not exactly the best of times to get back into it, but it is what it is.  

I did keep my Saiga 308, that is still safely in my safe.  That one isn't going anywhere along with my custom built DSA Inch Fal.   Still regret selling my Saiga 12. 

When I sold my Saiga 12, i kept my drum mags, only 3 but I had 3 md20s.  Well I went to my gun dealer this past wed and he had this Cheetah 12 that looked quite a lot like a Saiga 12 and i was intrigued but I just figured it would not work with the drums or whatever.  I found out that they do work with them so I accidently put the Cheetah 12 on layaway at my gun dealer.  459 dollars and I put down a couple hundred on it and 3 months to pay it off.  I think i was pretty lucky to find one of these things at the gun store these days.   

I don't think I will find another saiga 12 for 459 dollars.  Those days are long gone. 

But what does everyone here think of them?   I know I know, cheap Chinese clone but what else could I do? 

I never sold my stock of 12guauge so I still have a few hundred rounds of 12gauge.   

I'm just really curious of people's opinions of the cheap clone.  Honestly, the biggest difference I can tell appears to be the gas piston and bold.  They seem to be not quite a durable but i haven't held a saiga 12 in like 8-9 years.  



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What do I say about them? When a local shop got one in, I looked it over pretty good and nearly said, "Sold!". It was just a bad time to be buying, so I "thought it over" a little too long and they sold it. It looked pretty solid, to me and I've read good things about them. My local shop just never had another in that I've seen. 

Yesterday, I went into the place and they had something that looked a LOT like a Saiga. Knew it couldn't be one, so I asked. It was a Lynx. Asked them if it just LOOKED like a Saiga or if Saiga parts (mostly wanted to know about mag/drums) worked with them, too. They didn't know, so I looked them up quickly and liked what I read. 

Yep, I bought it. Have a rail and mags on the way, along with a brake. Looking forward to running it thought it's paces.

At the price, I don't think you can go wrong, honestly. Most reviews of both shotguns are positive and parts/accessories for these are plentiful. 

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