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Hey Guys:

Canik's pistols look pretty good. I'm intrigued by the METE SFX model. It looks like you can get a pistol with a barrel about as long as a Glock34's with 18-20 rounds, but it costs several hundred dollars less. Do any of you own, or have you shot, Canik pistols? I'd like to know what you think of them before getting one. 

My situation is I have a Glock 43, but I'd like a big brother for it and use the 43 as a back-up gun. I've been thinking about the Glock 34, but the Canik METE SFX looks like a budget friendly alternative. I think Glock is too proud of their pistols. Thus, their higher prices. 

Either way, I wish both companies would make these in O.D. green. That just looks cool.


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Got to run an SFX for a little bit (500 rds?) Didn't hiccup at all. Liked the crisp trigger on it.  Another guy runs one for IPSC at the local club, he swears by his. Of course that wasn't long after they first came in so I'm not familiar with the METE variation.


You're also asking on a forum that was originally a bunch of cheap guys modding unknown imported firearms. We might be slightly skewed to trying the least expensive version first.

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