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Your Thoughts on Costa Rican Wood AK Grips (pic heavy)

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Hello all!


To start with, I want to make clear that this is not an advertisement.  This is an attempt to gauge levels of interest from people, to see if this is something worth further pursuing.  In fact, these exact grips are not even currently for sale anywhere.  Secondly, I want to point out that, while the firearms pictured belong to me, I am not the creator of these grips.  All credit for that goes to a friend of mine, while he was visiting his home country (Costa Rica), using two grips which I had supplied him with before having left, to use as templates while there.


While the following pictures reflect a great deal of craftsmanship, and are extremely well executed, especially considering they are mostly done by HAND, I have already discussed with him a few areas in which I believe any future products can be improved. Most notably, with the Molot-style/inspired pistol grips, in which the wood variants shown below do not taper from the bottom inward towards the top like the polymer ones do, making them a little thicker than desired under the hand.  Also, the finger groove placement [to me] felt ever-so-slightly 'off'.  Just minor details such as that. 


Lastly, something myself and my friend are yet to research fully is any issues with importation. So, even if there is an interest here in the states? The idea may very well be dead in the water if it turns out that they cannot be imported.


So, with those caveats out of the way, these are the current results, and as mentioned, we are simply looking to see if people have an interest in these, and would like to hear your honest opinions from you, the public:





#1 Cocobolo (ignore that this one is a revolver grip, just refer to the wood type for now)  #2 Nazareno  #3 Teak #4 Guapinol #5 Teak again, with a glossy finish




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Nice work but looks really out of place on the otherwise all black gun. If you're targeting the AK market, you'll do better with high quality matched furniture sets, grip, and upper and lower hand guard as a matched set.

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