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Hello again all,

I am in the market for S12 mags, many here have probably used various models of mags for your S12, I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the Kalashnikov 12 mags? From 5 to 12 rounders? Does not have to be the Kalashnikov mag but any mag that you love and are reliable.

Thanks in advance,


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I haven't used any of the new Kalashnikov mags. Personally I stocked up on AGPs , some CSSpecs and picked up some Russian 8s that Kvar has has on Gunbroker right now.

Centerfire Systems has some SDS Lynx 10 round mags for $29 a pop now. Probably won't find anything cheaper in that capacity.


The forum has been pretty slow since the importation of the Saigas stopped.

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Thank you very much Scoutjoe, I did find some info on what I was looking for, the problem with this site is the search feature, if you type in the word Saiga it lists every single thread since everyone uses this word, no option for titles only.

As long as I do not use the following mags in freezing temps the AGP or SGM will work fine.

Makes since about the forum being slow...

Thanks again

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