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Remington Slugger Report

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Went down to the NRA range tonight, fired off 20 rounds of Remington Slugger 2 3/4" 1oz slugs; through my 2001 Saiga 12.


Using setting 2 with standard 5 round mags, 10 rounds through no failure to eject nor failure to cycle.

Using setting 2 with a 12-round Surefire mag, 10 rounds through 2 FTE events. The ejector didn't seem to throw the shell out far enough, when the bolt closed, the shell was stuck between the bolt and the wall of the barrel, the next round was half-way in to the barrel.


Don't really think it has anything to do with the Surefire mag, I just like to be as descriptive as possible. Going to try polishing out the parts as described or possibly sending it out, as the bolt tends to be kind of sticky as it nears the barrel.

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I agree with Twinsen.


Even though this is the wrong terminology, when mine is on setting 2, it "overcycles" it functions, but FTE's. Put it on 1 and it functions perfect. I should mention, I use nothing but 00.

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A good way to figure loads out is to try it on setting #1. If it doesn't cycle, use setting #2 for that stuff.


My setting #2 is for light loads, not "anything but magnum." All that Remington full powered hunting stuff is #1 setting for sure. I fire hand loaded low power buckshot and light birdshot loads on setting #2. Usually stuff labeled "tactical" is low recoil, but I've seen some that sure isn't.


If you fire it on #2, the bolt probably (if not, see Vodka Specials) cycles too hard, as you are allowing too much gas to push that bolt carrier back. So it goes back really fast, slams the back of the action, etc. It will break stuff if you fire full powered stuff on #2 a lot. You'll also notice lower recoil when you shoot powerful loads on the #1 setting, as that action doesn't get to bottom out and slam into you.

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