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ok, I have recieved a number of emails and messages from guys who are wondering how to open thier own gallery in the members galleries section. well. I looked.....and looked. and looked. guess what? I figured it out! happy day right?


what you need to do is click on "my controls" after you are logged in. in the left side of that window, you see options for your account. the top of that menu on the left says "invision gallery" and in there are two options. you would want the first one that says "your albums". when you click that, you will see an option to create your first gallery if you havent made one of your own already or whatever. click that. you then name it, (your first one would make sense to name it as your user name), put a description, and then be SURE TO CHECK THE BOX THAT ALLOWS OTHERS TO SEE IT!!!!


then once you click ok or whaetver the button is, you will see the new album in the updated window you just made it in. in there, you have to pull down the menu, and pick "upload image". after that it is the same as posting a regular post, except you have only a caption, and yada yada yada, im sure you guys can figure it out from there....

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