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I finally got my Remington 700 .308 together.

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Remington 700 5R


AICS stock


Parker-Hale Bipod


40X trigger set at 1-1/2lb


Leupold MARK 4 rings and 20MOA base.


Nightforce 5.5-22x50 scope


US Optics rail mounted level




5 shots at 100yds with Hornady TAP 168 gr factory ammo






5 shots at 200yds.




I also shot some Fed ball 150gr at 100yds



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Very impressive!


How long have you had the rifle, and what made you decide on the AICS stock, if you don't mind.




I bought the rifle in Dec of last year.


I liked the look of the AICS and had read a lot of good reviews on it. I had never handled an AI stock before and took a chance on ordering it. They can be hard to find and figured I should be able to sell it if I didn't like it. After I stated shooting it I decided I liked it.


There are two negatives,

1.. the cheek rest is high and you have to use higher rings to get the scope up enough so you can see thought it good. I first had a set of medium MARK 4 rings on it and was having a hard time seeing through the scope without a shadow. I replaced them with a set of high rings and can see fine now. You also have to remove the rest to get a cleaning rod through the receiver.


2.. it is heavy, The rifle is 14lb as it sits now.


I'm not use to the trigger, I was having problems with horizontal stringing when I first started shooting it. When I was squeezing the trigger I was not pulling it straight and making the rear of the rifle move slightly causing the stringing. After I started concentrating on the trigger pull the groups really started tightening up. On my groundhog rifle I shoot a 2 oz trigger and must have picked up the bad habit of not pulling it straight back due to light pull.

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