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  1. It looks like it could have a better title. I agree. EDIT: I'm assuming it has something to do with the fact that they're all from the same small town. Watertown, a section of Boston. But really you pronounce it Wata Toun.
  2. The Ace folder, and a Magpul M4 type stock on an Ace folding mechanism are both excellent choices... Yep. Here are a couple pics of my S-12 with an Ace stock, Ace push-button folding mech, and Ace internal block. ~2000 rounds so far, zero problems. PA what type of fore grip do have on your S-12?
  3. Cute looking lady there
  4. I went to a shooting school way back in the early '90s. One of the guys asked a question about being right handed and left eye dominant. The instructor told him close his left eye and then in a smart ass tone asked "which is your dominant eye now"? The point was, if your right handed, shoot right handed with your right eye looking down the sights. Opposite if your a lefty. For what it's worth the instructor was pretty damn impressive with a weapon and taught us to be also.
  5. I would call them up. What could it hurt? I hope you get the job, but if they said they were going to call by yesterday, it doesn't sound good. If you don't get hired it would probably be a good idea to politely ask them to keep your application on file if an opening presents itself. Good Luck
  6. To me that's a lot of money for the gun. I understand that your in the PI and things are different there though, so if you can get past the high price, cool. I own a Sig P226 and can say that it has never failed on me. I carried one while in the service and abused the HELL out of it, worst thing that ever happened was a very rare stove pipe malfunction. Sig Sauer has some very well engineered weapons. Having personally seen the kind of abuse that they can take, I'm a customer for life.
  7. I find that beautiful young lady in your avatar hypnotic.

  8. Dirty


    Low standards to say "he's a dedicated and loving father figure who tried to help others whenever he could - even if it meant breaking the law." ... it is evident the pattern continues. He's actually a young, irresponsible, unemployed father of two under the age of one, who should find another profession besides creating babies and stealing to get co-criminals out of jail. How about honest work? Maybe he's worried some thug will pull a shotgun on him and pull the trigger if he doesn't obey? Eventually, all hard working people will pack up and move, like the owners of the donut shop.
  9. Lots of good suggestions so far. I've been shooting a Sig Sauer P226 for almost 20 years. I like the 15+1 rnd capacity, the full frame, and that the only safeties are internal. The accuracy is incredible and the weapon is dependable. What else could you ask for?
  10. Had my T.V. fixed, those DICKS kept the power cord!

    1. Paulyski


      Then how do you know it's fixed?

  11. I think its worth investing in a bore guide, a quality one piece cleaning rod, a good copper solvent, Kroil oil, nylon and brass brushes and an in/lb torque driver. If you don't have that stuff already. Oh yea, a good leather sling and a bi pod.
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