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  1. UPDATE: Mr. Ung has been found Not Guilty on all charges. The shooting was ruled as justifiable. http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/crime&id=7960513
  2. Klassy Kalashnikov

    Canted FSB GONE. Canted rear sight as well?

    It probably just looks funny since the rifle is disassembled. What you may be noticing now, with the FSB removed, is that the gas block may be canted. That is pretty normal and the rifle is just fine with a slightly canted GB, that only becomes a problem when it's seriously off.
  3. Klassy Kalashnikov

    Man is my FSB canted Dude!

    Looks good, I have to say I am very impressed with your cutting. That came out exceptionally neat for using a 4" grinder! You have some damn steady hands
  4. Klassy Kalashnikov

    Internet Killed Funshows?

    Yeah, that shit really doesn't help either. I was at a gun show last year and saw an AR with some sort of gigantic crazy optic on top of it, that looked like a 1980's camcorder. ARs and extreme optics aren't my thing, but hey, I'm a sucker for cool shit, so I took a lot at it for a second, then asked the guy selling it "Hey what does something like that go for?" He turns to me, nasty as all hell "something LIKE that? You want the price for THIS one or one LIKE it? You aren't going to be able to afford this one." No shit. I just turned and walked away.
  5. Klassy Kalashnikov

    Will Saiga Rifle Wood Stocks Fit a Saiga 12 Shotgun?

    I fitted a set of .308 wood to a Saiga-12 a while back. The forend needs some material hogged out and re-stained, as well as a new handguard screw hole and slot carved into the wood. The stock will fit as well, but needs a little bit of material rasped off at the front and bottom of it to accommodate the wishbone linkage in an unconverted S-12. It doesn't have the same shape because the 308 uses a different type of linkage in factory configuration. It is very easy to modify the stock and when you go to insert it you will see where you need to remove a little wood from. One thing I can tell you about S-308 wood on a 12g, is that it is well worth it. It makes the gun balance very, very nicely and the grip angle is much better on the wood stock than the synthetic one. No idea why they didn't use the stock shape from the wood for the synthetic mold!
  6. I have a VooDoo Tactical 42" double soft rifle case that also holds 2 handguns and has three big pouches for ammo and some molle webbing that I used to attach another two pouches. Unfortunately it pretty much screams "gun bag" so any hope of low-key is out. Either way I find it to be the perfect setup for range trips. It also has backpack-type straps for long walks, etc.
  7. Klassy Kalashnikov

    Thinking about Buyinh

    W8lifter said it best!
  8. Klassy Kalashnikov

    4runner gun rack

    Nice gun rack! And an awesome rifle you got there
  9. Klassy Kalashnikov

    Internet Killed Funshows?

    I think it's a combination of many factors that make gun shows suck. On one hand, you've got the people still holding out on their '08 panic prices. They made a killing in 08-09 and are reluctant to bring their prices back down to earth. Also, you've got the internet, which exposes a lot of this crap. Pre-internet you could go to your local show and see all the vendors selling that stock for $50-60 and think that's the going price. But now you can go online and see it selling for $25 and realize those dealers have been ripping people off for ages. I personally skipped the last couple shows, I just couldn't get myself interested in going to see the same over priced stuff anymore. But at least the beef jerky is still good
  10. Klassy Kalashnikov

    Sold my AR

    You've taken your first step into a much larger world, young Skywalker Which Saiga are you going to get first?
  11. Klassy Kalashnikov

    The Saiga 308 - My MBR

    What handguard setup is that?
  12. I see it almost like gambling. You place a bet, and see who places more or not. Pretty cool idea actually. There is another site like this for other stuff, I believe it is called Qbids or something, it's basically e-bay but done in penny style. Even with shipping and FFL fees, it's gotta be pretty damn awesome walking away with an Arsenal rifle for ~$75 or an iPod for $20.
  13. Klassy Kalashnikov

    Man is my FSB canted Dude!

    Yes, you will most likely have a dimpled on front sight block.
  14. Klassy Kalashnikov

    Man is my FSB canted Dude!

    Personally, I would fix the canted sight block. I would not want a Saiga with canted sights, even if it has a high-quality optic like an EOtech. I still would like iron sights properly sighted in for back up. I am assuming your rifle is a newer import, so your best bet to fix the front sight would be to simply replace it, as the factory ones are dimpled on anyway. This also lets you upgrade to a 24mm sight block which allows for use of the superior 24mm muzzle brakes anyway. I have a tutorial on FSB swaps stickied in the 5.45 section.
  15. Klassy Kalashnikov

    which parts Wear out on a AK first?

    As stated above, stay away from Tapco components and your rifle will most likely last a lifetime. I would say that the bore would likely be the first thing to wear, but with a life span upwards of six figures, that's a milestone that few will reach.