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Denver area Saiga 12 Guru Wanted.

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Anyone know of a good machinist-type guy in the Colorado Springs/Denver area that could help me pinpoint my Saiga 12 problem?


It is about 98% but just needs a few minutes of tweaking to get it running right. I've tried every brand of mag, polished the bolt, sent it to Cadiz to have the gas ports drilled right... etc, etc. There is one place that could possibly use a small tig weld to help the shells feed (I saw another guy on here do it successfuly), and 2 places that might possibly need to be slightly shaped (the part that pushes the next shell out of the mag, on the bolt; and the very end of the barrel, on top where shells seem to stick a bit when loading and jam up.


Thanks for any leads,


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you know the protrusion of the bolt that pushes the next shell out of the mag, what shape is that supposed to be? I think i remember remember reading from Tromix that it should either be flat or angled inward toward the center of the bolt? Is that right?

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I think that's the first unconverted SBS S12 I've ever seen.


I asked about why they didn't move the trigger position, and was told that was the way the customer wanted it; he wanted to be able to use that Tapco stock you see. I thought that was lame, but their feeling seemed to be the customer was always right. Which is a good attitude I guess.


Smalls, I don't know the answer to your question about the shape of the feed lip on the bolt. You might get more/better help with that by starting a new thread asking the question. People who know the answer might not ever see your question because it is in a thread titled about Denver area Saiga smiths. Not trying to be rude or smart assed, pls don't take it that way.

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