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I recently secured this red dot with a BP-02 AK side mount for $125! Killer of a deal considering I was in the market for a Kobra red dot @ $350 - $450 a pop (the price of a new saiga rifle converted!). So does any one have/used this red dot? When I receive this in the mail, I'll be sure to do a review.

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Brought my dot to the range last week and this little dude is legit. Holds zero extremely well (at least at 25 and 50 yards) and I was able to put holes inside of holes @ 25 yards. The dot advertises as having a "clicking" noise for adjustments, but my model had little to no click (you can feel the click more than hear it). Nevertheless, each felt click was true to 1MOA! Amazingly true calibration made the dot easy and predicable to sight in especially with targets with a coordinate system with 1inch squares. The sight was repeatedly holding zero after 90 rounds. The mount has a little bit of weight to it, but snapped on snug with a little play from and back (after I manually hit the side rail hard forward and back). Also, an indication LED on the side lets you know when the dot is in operation or not without looking down the sight. The selector buttons were very responsive and sturdy.



My version of this dot is directly attached to the BP-02 mount (via one screw), making me a little apprehensive about the sight becoming loose and losing zero (should've used blue/red loctite BEFORE going to the range). The reticules are very sharp and clear, but if you rest your cheek lower on the rifle, the reticule picture disappears (basically the "whole" area of the glass is not able to image the reticules, only the top 3/4 of the glass is able to). The weight might be an issue for some.


Rating: 4.5 / 5

All in all, this is the next best thing to a Kobra red dot at half the price (sight + mount). I would definitely consider this dot for all you budget builders out there like myself. The weight and reticule disappearance are the two main negatives for this dot. Same performance at half the cost sounds lucrative to me!

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