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  1. USP40

    Upstate SC.

    Hello guys, I live in the Upstate SC . Anyone here can press S12 barrel out and in ? Also anyone can do the same with AK47/74 platform and set the head space? Thanks Jesse
  2. Jetmd ,

    I am sorry for long delay reply . I live in Simpsonville. My ane is Jesse by the way. Are you doing this for business or just a hobby . Can you pull Saiga12 barrel out? I want to do SBS on the Saiga12 the right way.



  3. BTW, you can e-mail me direct if you're interested at: Jetmd928@hotmail.com

  4. Hey 1200FT, I'm in the Taylors area of Upstate S.C., and have built approximately 20 rifles/pistols on the Kalashikov platform, so if you need any local help with tooling and or advice, give me a shout. I see that you're shortening your barrel. No worries with the gas system unless you are cutting it back so short that it physically won't allow your front sight, etc... to be install...

  5. Thanks Salmonking . I have plan to put this muzzle brake on the end of the BBL.
  6. Guys , If I cut down my AK barrel and then have muzzle brake welded on to legal 16" total length . Do I need to enlarged the port? Thanks
  7. Love to see the group size on the target.
  8. Would the magazines drop free like the AR15? Thanks JP
  9. Look like ATN Digital Ultra Sight.
  10. I just used CCW finger print cards and the ATF excepted them. I got them from a local CCW instuctor.
  11. I am waiting for that myself.
  12. Thanks for the info. I welded a pic rail on the top of the gas tube. Now I got figure out how to keep it tight.
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