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  1. For sale: Sig Sauer P226. Like new. No more than 500 rounds through it. Clean. Includes (2) 15-round 9mm magazines, (1) 22lr conversion, (2) 10-round 22lr magazines. $700. Includes Shipping from my FFL to yours. Check or money order are fine. I will wait for either to clear before shipping. Sorry, no trades.
  2. Really hate to part with them, but two long guns for sale: The first is an Izhmash Legion Sobol 22LR. It has beautful wood, a blued 19" barrel, and some chromed parts. It has a very fast and smooth toggle bolt action, just like biathlon guns. It includes (3) 5 round magazines, sling, and a scope with dovetail mount. Super-accurate, rarely imported. $750. Includes shipping to your FFL. The second is a Franchi Affnity 20 Compact, SA, 24" barrel, 4+1. $600. Includes shipping to your FFL. Check or money order are fine. I will wait for either to clear before shipping. Sorry, no trades.
  3. No. I wouldnt' expect a crazy person to do the right thing voluntarily. But a crazy person has no business around firearms. People on many medications for depression, insomnia, exhaustion, etc. have no business being around firearms, either. Like Pauly said, take a look at side-effects.
  4. Yep. And this time it's 8 and 10 year old targets... Many more people are mentally ill than those who are ever adjudicated mentally defective or committed to institutions (adjudication and commitment are really formal processes). Hell, for the duration that anyone's GP is prescribing prozac or sleepaids or whatever that might bring about a case of the crazies, those people shouldn't be anywhere near firearms! Yet small, stupid check-box questions are the only things that will weed-out ill-intentioned gun buyers who aren't already on government radar. Form 4473 is fucking stupid -- usin
  5. Glad to give another option. If you do choose the P226 Classic, I recommend breaking it in with about 300 rounds of CCI MiniMag. After that, as long as you or your daughter don't baby arm it, you should be able to cycle lower-test 22lr -- I've been able to cycle everything down to Aguila 60gr subsonic. Also, the X-Change kits all have Sig Lite Night Sights. It's great having a P226 that interchangeably shoots 10 rounds of 22lr with dovetail and 15 rounds of 9mm with night sights for less than $900. To be fair, you can probably configure a Glock similarly; I just don't have experience w
  6. If it feels good in her hand, I would spend a little more ($500 to $600) and get a Sig P226 Classic (22LR). Down the road, she can change to 9, 40, or 45 for about $300 a kit. The swap takes all of 3 seconds, too.
  7. Not sure if I'm the one you had in mind, but I installed some RPK wood. It took some dremmeling. It was mostly the lower handguard and buttstock that needed the attention, but it took a while mainly because I had to sand a bit and check, sand a bit, and check, etc... I don't think I'd want to do that to an expensive metal rail though...
  8. Some of the folks on this forum are amazing. I've posted my criticisms of the Vepr 12 on these forums. First, I loved the Vepr 12 when I saw the first pics and read it was coming in. I was one of the very first pre-orders. Second, I'm not making a buck. The bottom line is that I didn't enjoy shooting the gun when I had it to the range on Friday, and I don't keep guns that I don't enjoy. The Vepr 12 otherwise lived up to its reputation for sturdiness and reliability.
  9. Mine is for sale, if anyone wants a second or third. The Vepr is not for me. Includes original furniture and rpk wood. Just send a message.
  10. Gun tax in Chicago. Here you go: http://usnews.nbcnew...icago-area?lite
  11. Understood. Is this the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program? I'm in Delaware. The only election that matters here is the primary, and you basically have to register democrat to participate. I had no one to vote for in the general/Presidential election. Obama and Romney were both bad but for very different reasons. I'm a conservative too, but I get really tired of Medicare and Social Security being called "entitlements". We have all paid into those programs all of our lives through payroll deductions. The only true "entitlements" are Welfare and Medicare benefits paid to
  12. Koljec

    Range report

    That's what it seems to be, I'm open to ideas, though. I like the CSS brake, and it definitely does its recoil reducing job. I switched out the stock for an RPK wood stock -- it's got about the same length as the factory placeholder. I get a decent enough shoulder weld...I think the low top of the RPK stock is producing the high slug shots. Need to come up with a cheek pad or new stock and see.
  13. Koljec

    Range report

    CSS brake. When I removed it, no more FTE the target stuff.
  14. Koljec

    Range report

    Made it to the range and shot 100 rounds of 2 3/4" winchester and federal target loads, 30 rounds of 2 3/4" remington slugs, and 5 rounds of Winchester PDX. Took me 50 rounds of on-and-off target load failures to eject before I realized the GK-01 brake was the issue. I took it off and the target loads cycled fine. However, the recoil reduction by the brake is noticeable -- when the brake is gone, the gun gets punchy. A better stock would probably help. The slugs and PDX cycled just fine with brake, but slug groups weren't particularly accurate -- maybe 3" or so, and I kept hitting high
  15. Ok. So this sounds like a legit reason why downsizing would happen in your industry. But to play fiscal conservative advocate, medicare reimbursement is an entitlement, a form of subsidy, that, some would say, has allowed healthcare costs to artificially inflate. Cutting it and shifting the difference to the company or patient and letting the market bear it out is more of a conservative move. Fear is a bullshit reason for firing someone, and I'd take that up with the company before I blame the President.
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