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  1. Another fun day at the range...This is a 5 shot group at 100 yards with the red dot resting the front grip on the table..red dot covers the target at that distance..well with in "minute of man" with a 14 inch barrel...I'm sure a scope will tighten it up a bit .
  2. Back from the range again...Need to add some meat to the rear catch on the magazine..Click on picture for video
  3. Curious to know if you compared the over all length of the 2 ? What was the projectile profile..super pointy or more of a round nose? Trying to figure out why the 54r binds on tips of a stuffed mag? According to the internet..they are not identical. 54r case is .22mm longer and OAL is .16mm longer?....just enough to bind in the mag. http://en.wikipedia....wiki/7.62x53mmR http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7.62x54R
  4. Yes,The mags are finicky to say the least! As long as the feed lips don't get distorted they run fine when they're dialed in.Hand loads work the best in them because you can set the bullet a tad deeper to make the overall length shorter to prevent binding at the bottom of a stuffed mag.The mags are actually designed for the Fiinnish Lahti 26 cartridge 7.62 x 53R that is 1 mm shorter in length than what we are shooting today thats availible....OK...Back from the range today for some range results. This is my first experience in the red dot arena and with my failing vision I had a little problem
  5. Thanks to all that replied and yes....Home cheapo birch plywood...was a MOFO to get the color to match the factory romy grip..Started with Swedish Pine Tar then numerous min-wax colors to tweek it in.
  6. Finally finished up my PSL shorty build.Plethora of Combloc parts used,Welded FAL flash hider,14 inch Romanian PSL barrel left over from my PSL bull barrel build.Russian Saiga front sight.Yugoslavian M70 grenade launcher gas block with a drop in gas regulator screw insert,Romy lower hand guard with Polish laminate upper.Receiver is a kmanco folded flat with a Hungarian AMD rear trunnion.Hardwood birch laminate butt stock and grip.El Cheapo red dot for now 'till my PK 1 comes in.Finnish Lahti 26 20rd. mag.
  7. That is the same barrel I used for this build....I picked up a few....
  8. Well guy's,Finally got to get to the range today for more ammo testing.Today I was shooting some quality boxer primed brass cased Privy 150 grain soft point and some 182 grain FMJ's. As I suspected the previous rupture brass case problem was ammo related,These cartridges shot flawlessly with zero ruptures or deformity. As far as the accuracy the 150 gr. was all over the place and the 182gr was about 1 inch groups..this barrel defiantly likes the heavy stuff the best.Now time to dial in with some handloads...After I do my happy dance....kman
  9. Thanks...The gas block was a custom 2 pc. design that i made from 3/4 round bar and tig welded to the 1 inch chromoly tubing barrel band.Has a stainless 1/4- 20 cap screw modified for the air screw needle jet..It is pinned in place with 1/8 inch pins.
  10. I did not take any "off"..I had to make the elevated support ring by carefully scooping the chamber end with out touching the overall length of the existing chamber.This was done before the headspacing pin was drilled,which is just a matter of how deep the barrel is in the trunnion.When I tried to headspace in the original configuration I could not get it to headspace.I realized the PSL bolt pocket is very deep and swallows the rim of the cartridge.Mimic what the original PSL barrel ring looks like....kman
  11. If the square body is still there it is easy to restore with a mig welder and a dremmel cut off wheel the shape the bead...Here is one I restored on a psl.And yea,I know it opened up the 922 can of worms but I prepared for that with the build parts..kman
  12. Very high quality looking part Any chance of hi-cap PSL mags on the horizon?
  13. Way kool...love the fire tiger stripes on the furniture and the gasblock/sight combo How ya diggen the mil-dot? That's what I have on my Bull PSL and like it much better than the chevrons
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