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  1. Beautiful collection. It does suck that they're neutered, but better to have them, than not.
  2. They're all nice. I love Yugos, period. LOL. I like the middle one though. I did the same type thing with an M70 flatside trunnion u/f build. Got tired of the folder, and took it apart. Rebuilt it as a fixed stock on a standard Romy 1mm AK Builder flat, and an M72 rear trunnion. Turned out nice, more comfortable and different.
  3. You can never have too many Bulgy 74's. LOL. Have fun with it.
  4. You see that on alot of homebuilds as well. People get too agressive with the cutouts in the rails for the bolt carrier to drop into, then the carrier likes to pop out. Like you've already discovered a recoil buffer is a good temp fix. Personally I would either send it to IOI for repair, or just do it yourself with a TIG rig. Just add some material back to the cutouts and file/grind to the proper shape, repair paint/bluing as necessary.
  5. Mancat that bullpup is freaking awesome. That is a Harbor Frieght flux core welder special right there!!!!!! Whoever came up with that was a Redneck Engineering genius! LMFAO!! Made my day, thanks.
  6. Dude, you are the luckiest man on earth, at least for today. Drool, drool, drool!!! Pics please!!!!!
  7. My personal opinion is that the MAK90's were and still are some of the highest quality AK's out there. I like the bluing as well as the thicker receiver. I've owned many stamped and one milled MAK, and in general they were all better quality than most AK's I've seen/owned/built. My preference if they're slant cut is to weld the back into a standard straight configuration and reblue. Then you aren't limited on stocks. They really look good with the IWD designs furniture on them. Also on two of mine there was enough meat left on the barrel to thread it standard 14x1LH for a regular slant cut bra
  8. Brother, that is one more beautiful Galil. I'd love to have a pair of twins. One 5.56x45, and one 7.62x51. While I like my Golani, and for a Century product, the fit and finish are pretty good, it isn't even in the same ballpark as yours.
  9. Sorry, but I think I better wait on showing or sharing information about this weapon. It's something I've been designing/testing/making for Will for the last 2 years and I don't think he would want me giving out the details. Hopefully testing goes well! Check out my new Avitar. It didn't come from Russia either. Haha!!! Sweet!!! Details soon? Details? Well, not much to say. It's a lot of fun and it sure gets more than it's fare share of attention at the range. It's almost the exact same size as my MP5, but I'm starting to think it's a better weapon platform. I've sho
  10. That is truly badass!!!! I love it!!
  11. Nice collection Atakacorps!!! Love the M72 underfolder. That is a nice setup.
  12. I think it's a great alternative for those that want to add a spike type to their AK, especially the MAKs. If I still had a MAK, I'd probably be in line to get one. Good job brother.
  13. Thanks Arik. Yeah I'm all too familiar with them.
  14. In the build process of my Romy RPK kit from Apex, on a CSS blank, and I just all of a sudden realized that this thing doesn't have a carry handle. I have Googled the crap out of it, and I can't seem to find one anywhere. Closest two items I can find are: 1) the Galil carry handle assy on Blackthorne's website for $130.00!!!!!! 2) the cheap copy that mounts onto any picatinny rail for $20.00. Neither are what I am looking for. Does anyone know where I might find one, or does anyone possiblt have one they want to get rid of??? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. TIA.
  15. Forgot to mention that I got my RPK kit yesterday from Apex. Looks good. A bit worn, but it's trunnion is dated 1970, so that's to be expected. I cleaned and inspected everything last night. Then removed the trunnion rivets and cleaned all the holes. Gonna go ahead and headspace and install the barrel components while I'm waiting on the CSS blank. Big issue is the wood will definitely need refinishing. On most of my builds I use my own concoction for a nice "Russian Red" look, but on this one I want to get the Romy color as close to original as I can. I need to figure out what method/products
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