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  1. Heres a post I made a long time ago: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/64673-recoil-reduction-options/?hl=%2Brecoil+%2Breduction+%2Bguide The Enidine works great, i run it on mine.
  2. well this sucks. hopefully this doesn't stunt the aftermarket support for saigas. veprs should be unaffected, except for demand jumping through the roof.
  3. Use the css videos. theyre thorough.
  4. Those pictures are way better, and show exactly the kind of thing I was thinking of, although I'm suprised the bolt lug doesn't show any damage. That dent was created by the lug slamming into it when it unlocked. If you felt confident enough, I think you could dremel the corners of the dent out very carefully, so that the dent is gone, and the channel is smooth again. You might want to send it to somone who has more experience with the system, because if to much material is removed the carrier will rotate the bolt to far and that could cause interference with the rails. But it would be better
  5. ok, you pointed out what looked like wear or damage in the front of the lug channel. that spot that you circled is the spot that prevents the bolt from exiting the carrier when it is unlocking. if the gun were extremely overgassed (5 magnum slugs at full gas) it may have slammed the tip of the lug, which my picture shows circled in green, into that point of the channel hard enough to cause that damage. if it did, there should also be some corresponding damage to the tip of the lug. if there is, it will be creating a lot of extra friction when the bolt is unlocking, as these are the unlocking f
  6. could you post pictures of the bolt and carrier? a complete picture of the carrier, and a picture of the bolt lug channel would be the most relevent, along with a picture of the bolt lug itself. also, maybe a picture of the inside of the gas block, for the hell of it.
  7. I play black ops and mw3, and intend to get warfighter. I've got a ps3. Gamertag: rambi ghandi2
  8. Happy birthday shannon, good luck finding that yugo ak.
  9. Steel, sheet metal and cnc construction, 16 or 18 gauge corrugated bodys, cnc the top portion of the mag to form the tabs. Spot weld it all together. Or just go all sheet metal. preferred capacity 5,8,10.
  10. I'll pass on the conversion, but I was practicing stick welding w/7018 AC rods while simultaneously watching the nieghbors fireworks. I also went out to dinner and attended a parade.
  11. Id do some research on trigger actuators for this one. Atkins accelerator got banned for a spring, slide fires legal without one. The accelerator pulled the trigger each time it fired , it wasn't full auto, but got banned as a trigger actuator anyways. so it can be semi and still be banned.
  12. The tromix setup is the better setup. Its less likely to break. When you can, toss us some pics of the firing pin channel. The tromix pin is larger, and more likely to be affected by obstructions. You need to make sure the channel is clear. if it breaks with the right springs then theres somthing else wrong. As far as birdshot goes, you could try a more efficient puck. If that fails, drill your ports and you'll be good to go.
  13. Believe me, you want to do it right and make the gun run with the factory recoil spring. Its worth it to never have to bother with it or worry about it again. id switch back to the factory mainspring as well, its more reliable in every way possible. Also, I dont believe the shop for a second that they used the right spring. How hard is it to push the firing pin in with your finger? The tromix spring should make your finger hurt.
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