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Saiga rifle billet forearm- 2 versions available

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Installs easily and has pre-drilled and tapped holes on top for the Carolina "Tactical Rifle Top Quad Rail" available soon. The Top rail will not interfer with the weld on HK sights. Similar design to our Saiga 12 Quad.
Includes a mounting bracket that attaches behind the gas block for the most stability possible.
All other forearms use the gas block pin that allows the forearms to move around while shooting and eventually come loose.
Our design eliminates any movement with all 4 rifles.



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Will this mount on a DRACO - like in this picture/thread? (Page 2 - post #49)






tire iron

I do not think so.

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Trust me, CSS got this rail RIGHT! I ordered mine the minute after logging onto S-12forum.

It came and I've mounted it, the only reason I don't have pics with my testimonial is I'm waiting on my UBR stock which I'm also slapping on her... I've also got some Unita Mags coming. SO stoked! I'll make her look pretty before I post pics.


But back to the rail. Yes it doesn't use the gas block pin as a means of mounting, it used an even better mount that wraps around the barrel behind the gas block, then through the rail screws into the forearm as well as that rear screw towards the trunnion.

(which for you who may not know, is threaded to that of your original forearms rear screw, no new parts needed.)



Pictures to come!

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