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short barrel Ak47

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Just assuming here, but since it's an impulse activated gas system, it's not about gas building up over time that drives the piston; it's the large burst of gas over a short space of time that drives the action. I wouldn't really see a problem unless you cut the barrel to the base of the gas port.


But that's just me talking out of my ass lol. :unsure:

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If you are only cutting an inch or two, you should be alright especially with the back pressure of the krink style brake. If you are cutting more than 3", you will likely want to put a shorter gas system length, similar to the Draco or AMD65. This will also require the barrel to be turned down to accept the gas block in the new location and the front sight in the new location.


FYI, You can buy a new chrome lined U.S. 14.5" barrel from Arms of America for the AMD 65 and get a shorter piston and the AMD 65 gas block for less than $150. This will save the necessary re-profiling and welding up of any previous gas ports and you can realistically cut it down to 12" without worry.


Also keep in mind of the NFA implications on cutting down the barrel if the barrel is still attached to the weapon.

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Thanks Salmonking . I have plan to put this muzzle brake on the end of the BBL.




That's not a brake, actually it's a booster.


It increases back pressure to help short barrelled AK's cycle correctly, but is mainly for full auto shooting. The AKSU cone booster does the same thing and also increases back pressure to help keep it from stalling on FA.






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