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Looking for Romy RPK Carry Handle Assy.

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In the build process of my Romy RPK kit from Apex, on a CSS blank, and I just all of a sudden realized that this thing doesn't have a carry handle. I have Googled the crap out of it, and I can't seem to find one anywhere. Closest two items I can find are:

1) the Galil carry handle assy on Blackthorne's website for $130.00!!!!!!

2) the cheap copy that mounts onto any picatinny rail for $20.00.


Neither are what I am looking for. Does anyone know where I might find one, or does anyone possiblt have one they want to get rid of??? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. TIA.

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I just want to throw out that the carry handle is somewhat of an anomaly. Romania was the only country that had a carry handle on an RPK type, and it was only on the RPK-74. For some reason, they chose to include the feature on the AES-10B, even though it's not type-correct.


Actually the hard part to find will be the bracket for the carry handle. In fact I doubt you would ever find that part at all. Without the carry handle, you have a more accurate clone of a Romanian RPK. I would avoid the headache and forget about it - just my two cents.

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+1 on what mancat said.


Google around for pics of RPK and they don't have the carry handle....


I was reading somewhere a while back (can't remember where or I'd link it) about how the carry handle on the AES-10b was maybe a Century Int'l improvisation....


...if you really want the handle maybe try contacting CIA; they might have a box of them lying around somewhere.

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The carry handle on the AES-10b is definitely Romanian, and would have come already welded up to the rear sight block, since the weld is coated with the Cugir factory parkerizing. Again, it's the same type used on the Romanian RPK-74. Just not sure why they put it on the civilian version of their older RPK. I do like it, but it can get in the way. Fortunately it's easily removed by pulling the E-clip.

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