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Tromix .308

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Sadly, Looking to consolidate calibers......just cant afford to feed too many types


Everyone knows Tromix....so not much to say other than:


30 rounds fired

Mint condition

One Factory Mag

Four aftermarket 25 rounders

Two unfired CSSPEC 25 rounders







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Partial trades.......


Anything in 7.62x39 caliber (rifles,pistols,ammo, mags, etc)


Or who knows.....

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Wow......I haven't seen one of those in a long time. There were 35 .308's shipped in total, spanning from January 13, 2006 to October 18, 2010.


The first .308 was an SBR shipped on 1/13/06. The first title one gun was shipped 1/16/06. There were a total of four 7" barreled fire-breathing .308 SBR's built, all the rest were title 1 guns. 3 remain in my personal collection.


Tony Rumore


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im fired up

When you get the gun, if you e-mail me the Serial Number, I can give you a few more specifics on that particular gun.


From a gunsmithing perspective, the most difficult part of one of those, is filling in the huge crater remaining after removing the OEM rear sight blade. When you get it, you will find that it looks competely "factory" in that location, even though it has a formed piece of steel welded in and blended out to make it look nice and clean. Most everyone that sees it, simply overlooks it.....because it looks like it is part of the factory build.



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Tromix - Lead Delivery Systems
Dinzag Arms
Mississippi Auto Arms, Inc
Cobra's Custom
Carolina Shooters Supply
R & R Targets
SGM Tactical
Mach 1 Arsenal
C&S Metall-Werkes
American Specialty Ammo
Csspecs Magazines
Phoenix Technology
Evlutionz LLC

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