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Bolt slams on mag pull

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Haven't fired the gun yet, but just messing with it to see how it feels. Put in an empty magazine, pull the bolt back, push the magazine release and pull the magazine, the bolt slams shut. That's not supposed to happen.


Put in a magazine with one shell in it, pull and release the bolt, pull again to eject the shell and simulate firing, push the magazine release and pull the magazine, usually it will stay open.


Is this thing defective?

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Several factors work together to cause this problem. First, on the upper receiver in-line with the bolt catch, a lot of guns have been hand-filed by the factory to allow clearance for the catch to rise properly. If there's not enough clearance, you won't get good engagement on the bolt by the catch, if there's too much you can actually over-insert magazines. Second, the bolt catch itself has a radiused corner where it engages the bolt, if you don't have proper engagement the bolt can slip over this radius. Lastly, the tang on the bolt itself is also sometimes hand-filed from the factory, again, if it's filed too much you get poor engagement. A weak spring can attribute to this issue, however, the majority of problems are caused by the hand-fitting from the factory.

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Well, now that I've fired it, I haven't had the problem. I think it's just a case of trying to cycle it manually with that crappy bolt handle and not getting a good pull.


Good thing my gun wasn't broken, useless contacting RAAC about it. Never answered me.

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