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What came off my LRBHO/Magwell?

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While I was at the range today I lost the security nut and possibly a spring to the magwell/LRBHO. Take a look at the picture, I need help identifying what's missing and how should I go ahead replacing the parts?


From what I know the only option for OEM is rusmilitary. That's fine but I will have to come up with a substitute in the mean time. Anyone have any ideas?





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So I found the pic you mentioned and I'm posting it here for reference. Looks like I am missing the 0-13 nut and the 0-14 spring. I have a few more questions...

  • Can the nut and spring be found somewhere else or fabricated? If fabricated anyone willing to do the work?
  • They will need to be replaced or the LRBHO should be taken out before I go shooting again. Can I swap it out for a standard BHO until I get the needed parts for the LRBHO?

@ AustenW: Did you get the LRBHO retro fit installed?



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None of those parts are available right now. You could adapt a spring from a hardware store, and you may be able to find a metric nut that will fit. Both of those things would be a lot easier than taking the mechanism off or changing to a regular BHO

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Removing the retaining lock seems quite difficult as the lever gets in the way and I'm not sure how one removes that. So it does seem the easiest option is fixing it, though sadly I don't know how to do that myself since I can't walk into the hardware store with my shotgun in tow.

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