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  1. I installed it and it works great If your not confident in drilling and filing your receiver get a good gunsmith to do it
  2. I'm desperately looking for a replacement if anyone knows of one going spare?
  3. This stock really caught my eye, I'm now thinking about buying a mosin
  4. Also after an extractor spring myself if anyone sells them separately?
  5. $1=£0.65 Its very expensive here in the UK so a $100 item in the USA would typically costs £100 here in the UK
  6. The Nitecore SRT-3 defender is 550 lumen on a single CR123 http://www.nitecore.co.uk/Shop/Products/Tactical/12370-Nitecore-SRT3-Defender.html Would welcome any other alternative models though
  7. Hi Guys I'm after a small single CR123A tactical flashlight for my shotgun Body diameter must be 1 inch Looking for something around 500 lumens Any ideas?
  8. Picked up and installed the Trijicon set Very pleased with them
  9. Thanks for the info, The Range 702 looks good I wouldn't mind picking up some parts for my s12 and Remington 870 if possible during my stay Any recommendations or will the above stock parts?
  10. Hi Guys I'm from the UK and will be going to Las Vegas in November on holiday for a week During my stay there is the Las Vegas Gun show on as well as the Sema car show I'd also like to visit a few decent gun stores to see what accessories I can buy as well as go to a gun range to try out some guns Can anyone recommend any decent stores and ranges? Got any pics or links you'd like to share?
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