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Is the build list still in order/going as planned

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Tony i am on the build list for a few months from now and was wondering if everything was still on track? I know the market has changed a lot so i wasnt sure if u were getting behind due to lack of parts or anything?

You gave me a lead time of 11 months last june and i am getting insanely excited to send you my gun!


I figured i would post this here in case any others on the list were wondering the same thing.


Thanks in advance!

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Got a call from Tony yesterday and a UPS tracking number today. Lead time on my build in June was nine months. I would say everything is still on track.


Just my two cents worth.

Good info! I cant wait to send mine its all i can think about

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We're pretty close to on schedule for most builds. There has been a shortage of parts, but I boosted my stock levels to minmize the impact. However, right now, the rear XS HK ghost ring sights are completely unavailable and I have finally exhausted my stock. It looks like we may have to go back to using standard G3 rear diopter sights for awhile.



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WOOOOOO Hoooooo i am so excited I got notification yesterday to send in my gun! Now all i gotta do is decide how many extras to stack on my build?!! I cant wait to get the phone call to finalize my build! I have been waiting since i bought this gun in nov 2011 to get on the list and get Tony to convert it. Finally the time is almost here and i couldnt be happier. Any other Tromix owners have any "must have" add ons they would recommend getting?

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The SRT is a must-have, as stated above.......... The oversized charging handle is another option that I'd highly recommend !!

Shark Brake OR the TROMIX flash hider is also a really nice touch !!


You're going to LOVE your TROMIX !!

Great info! I was already set on getting the trigger upgrade. but was on the fence for the charging handle but you sir have helped me over the fence!! Oh and its a shark brake for me!

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