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looking to find a range in IL. Suggestions?

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I'm looking to find an outdoor range in either northern will or southeast dupage counties. my area only has indoor ranges. (no rifles or shotguns) my time on long guns is spent at my brother in laws in minnesota, but im not getting up to him as much as i'd like lately, so i want to find a local place.


i've only shot outside at his place, private land, obviously. i don't know a thing about outdoor ranges, so im hoping for a little education and advice on places to avoid. thanks for any help

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Options are kind of slim around here (I'm in DeKalb county). Clubs (memberships) are your best bet as most don't have a lot of public time allowed. Aurora Sportsmens club in Waterman is one with a healthy membership fee. Rochelle Conservation club in Chana IL is another with a cheap membership fee and you can camp, fish and shoot at that place. You can join ISRA and find participating clubs through them. There is an indoor pistol range not far from you in Plainfield on 30 just west of 55. I also think there is an ISP and Sheriffs range off of Arsenal rd somewhere that I heard rumors allow public shooters from time to time but I don't know if that is true.

Just some ideas.

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For rifle, I just run down to Willow Slough. Its a trip, and the place is OK, pretty basic. Range master doesnt bother people much. It used to be empty all the time, now its packed pretty much every weekend. By the time I get there though, the first wave of Indiana residents is leaving, and the Illinois guys are just pulling in.

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