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How to mount a Forend Pistol Grip on a Saiga?

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I'm interested in getting a forward pistol grip for my Saiga (PG converted, 16" barrel, 7.62x39 synthetic forend) but I'm having trouble finding places that sell them. What are some sources for them? I was thinking about trying to mount a forend pistol grip using the existing sling swivel screw in the forend. Anyone know how I could make this work? I am thinking something like this (I realize that this picture shows a traditional AK forend, not a Saiga, but this was the idea):




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I find it hard to believe that parts companies have been so slow to react to the Saiga with after market stocks and parts specificallt targeted to the Saiga.


I think some aftermarket parts are coming for the Saiga and I'm watching for them. I'm assuming from your pic you have seen the one at Blackjack's that would mount to the 'other' forearm.




I'm in a real pickle myself. I need a shorter stock for a Saiga 410 so my kids can enjoy some shotgun shooting but the only fix I know of is to do a non-nato stock and PG conversion which will get me a class 1 felony! :ded:

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Ya, except the one on Blackjack's page is mounted via a rail on the forend, I'm looking for something I can just thread into the forearm where the sling mount is. If Harris bipods can use slingmounts for their mounts, I figure I can use a slingmount to mount a forward pistol grip somehow.

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This is what I would do if I was going to put a forward pistol grip on my Saiga: (By the way I think a forward pistol grip looks like crap on AKs and Saigas)


1. Cut a suitable piece of wood or plastic to the proper length (I would probaly use a piece of 1 inch dowel or something similar. )

2. Drill a hole all the way through the center for a long bolt.

3. Drill a hole in the bottom of the Saiga forend.

4. Epoxy and fiber glass a proper size nut that fit the long bolt inside the forend where I drilled the hole.

5. Shape the wood or plastic to a pleasing countour,and apply whatever finish I was going to use.

6. Bolt the thing together and see if it holds together when rifle is fired.

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