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Red jacket conversion markings?

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I believe this is true. I remember an episode where Will's daughter is checking over a build sent in for warranty work and she call's it out as fake because she didn't find a mark. What she was looking for I don't know.


My RJF S-12 build has their crest engraved on the underside of the receiver, located to the fore of the magazine cutout. I never thought to look for a different mark.

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I've thoroughly inspected my 8" S-12, fully disassembled - there is no marking anywhere on the weapon. RJF did confirm over the phone that they produced it, and they have performed warranty work on it.

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all licensed manufacturers have to engrave their info on receivers whether they make the firearm or convert them.

my (2) saiga 12,s converted by tony rumore did not have any markings . i do know he converted them because i talked to him personally. but that was when it took less then 2 weeks . 2005/2006 ish. as for red jacket the new stuff yes. but back in 2006 when the were converting them , i don,t think so. they were getting started and marking them was probly last thing on there mind for newbies tony rumore =tromix will hayden =red jacket not sons of guns ,that is the name of the show

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Ya weaponx that's kinda my theory. Now my prob is they prob wont wanna run my sn against their log books to see if they did do it.


Thdnks for the info all


Maybe hard to get their attention. Tell them you have warranty work but you want to make sure it's an RJF build before you send it in.

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