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  1. I hope he does , that would be great. It would be alittle strange to me to let it die.
  2. Would keeping the patent cost more money ? In other words for him to sell them/rights would be more profitable to him right ? This whole quad mag thing is a weird crazy ride
  3. yes, got my fcg from brian for my first 410 convetion, and i love it. great service . thank you
  4. my (2) saiga 12,s converted by tony rumore did not have any markings . i do know he converted them because i talked to him personally. but that was when it took less then 2 weeks . 2005/2006 ish. as for red jacket the new stuff yes. but back in 2006 when the were converting them , i don,t think so. they were getting started and marking them was probly last thing on there mind for newbies tony rumore =tromix will hayden =red jacket not sons of guns ,that is the name of the show
  5. it sounds like a cheap chi man knock off . md arms, hogue are nice grips . i use both
  6. that is cool, and your customer service is really the best . thank you. just want to get that off my chest
  7. will you be my neighbor, i could not pass it up. hell my neighors would help carry my stuff to their van,moving truck or dumpster
  8. really ! they should goto japan when they where getting gased in their subways. or did the dip shit forget about that ! smart gov. working to keep you safe
  9. cop radio feed is looking for a pensky truck,black male black hoodie and a black back pack. plus a trader joes bag. what is the connection ?
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