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  1. as macho man randy use it say; thought I would pass this along, for those that have AK74 (5.45) rifles and want more capacity then the 45 round mags, COPE'S has them in stock right now! with the lowest price on the net! 124 with 9.95 flat rate shipping. I already bought a couple as christmas present to myself and to let you also know, the feedtower on these drums are slotted for the AK74 speed loader. so for those of us, like me, that have a ton of 5.45 rounds on stripper clips, loading these will be fast and easy. best of all for us Ohioans, Ohio based COPE'S unlike the other 2 d
  2. and besides traffic tickets, just about anything that is small and petty you might get charged with is also consider a misdemeanor. get cited for high grass and have to go to magistrate court, you come out with a misdemeanor charge if found guilty. which is particular why this bill address it, some sheriffs took it upon themselves that just because a person has a misdemeanor(s) charge(s) that gave them a reason to deny them a CCW. those are same type of 'public officials" that don't believe that citizens should even own a handgun for protection, let alone carry one for protection. they
  3. no, a traffic ticket is a misdemeano, it's a criminal charge a infraction is just a violation or infringement of a law, that is not a charge
  4. like the old saying, it ain't over 'till the fat lady signs. this isn't law yet until kaisch signs the bill to become law. right now all the good news now is that the legislators passed the bill
  5. I thought that this bill passing would be on every gunboard, but I only found it on one and it was in the ohio hometown forum. I guess good news doesn't spread like bad news does on garboards. so I thought I would post what is in SB234; allows hunting with silencers eliminates the stupid definition that a automatic weapon is also any semi-auto center fire weapon with a magazine that holds more then 31 rounds. that means you no longer have to be looking behind you when you put that loading 100 round BETA DRUM in your AR, now you can go to a public range with it, insert it with a
  6. was on YOUTUBE and of course a commercial came up was going to hit the SKIP IT button was curious to see the entire commercial when santa stomach started growling;
  7. that's because you need the right person to lead it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XazOmi4yIbU
  8. yeah great, so he got in cheap. once he is sworn in he'll become just all the rest of them, padding his bank account from "special interest" and doing their bidding. but you go on and daydream that he'll be the "knight in shiny armor" coming to the rescue.
  9. oh how cute, just like voting you believe that writing or calling your masters will make a difference. got news for you, they couldn't give a shit what you say or want. you and anybody else that didn't give them millions of dollars for their "campaign' are just farts in the wind. what you say or want is meaningless. but if makes you feel like you're doing something then by all means go ahead and call them, but when doing that go ahead and masturbate at the same time, that way in the end. you'll have a little something to show for it
  10. you don't need to go through that nutroll, something like you want already exist, it's called the KUSHNAPUP conversion for the S12 recoil spring behind the bolt; check bullpup style; check detachable magazine; check
  11. well my name is Miles Gloriosus, they even wrote a song about me
  12. could be ATLANTIC MONTHLY didn't have enough articles to cover that month (dec) so they re-ran the article. or the other possibility, and more probable why that is, someone on the website screwed up and ran the same article with 2 different dates. that's the problem when you go back decades to post old articles, you get different people uploading old stuff that it gets confusing after doing that for a long time.
  13. I believe that screen name, poolingmyignorance, is really your legal name
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