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Best bullet guide?

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I used a Carolina Shooters guide which has proven a bad fit in my VEPR. Dry cycling rounds causes a number of hang-ups with a fuller mag. I had to dremel the guide a great deal and won't know how well it went until I get it to the range this coming spring. Seems we are simply offered Saiga parts sold to us as VEPR parts. Has anyone else purchased a guide that did not require fitting yourself or is it just another part we must custom fit ourselves?

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Since its a zombie thread, I'll post my experience. I had to remove a small amount of material on my 5.45 guide for the bolt to rotate into battery. Its no biggie. Mine was a CSS guide to.

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I also used the Dinzag on 2 Saigas and 2 Veprs with good results. His drill bit and taps are pretty good quality. I used 1 of his bullet guide kits to drill and tap 1 saiga and 2 Vepr trunnions. 

I know most use a drill press ,but I used a cordless drill on mine.

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I have only used CSS bullet guides. No issues in a bunch of rifles. But even specs on Vepr can be off enough to have an minor issue. When you handle cycled to did you baby it and riddle the charging handle or did you let them slam home as if you were gonna shoot it? Feed issues can be common with riding the charging handle and not letting it slam when you change get it.

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