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Customize Chaos Titan

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Hi all, I have a question about the Chaos Titan.


Basically, my situation is that I have a saiga 12 converted by Tromix ( the S06, 19" barrel).  I really like the look of the Chaos Titan, but of course I have a welded HK sight on my gas block and I'm pretty sure that's going to make it impossible to get the titan on without modifying it.


Does anyone think it would be remotely feasible to take the Titan and notch it so it will fit?  If so, could you list out the tools I might need?  I think I will need to get another dust cover or cut around the rear sight base as well. 


Thanks in advance.

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I have a chaos quad rail I bought before Tromix converted it.  I use it as a tri rail at this point.  The thing is, I really like the full length top rail that the Titan gives you.  

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Without being able to see how much needs to come off the rail...  I'll guess that if you had a dremel set you can get this done.  Aluminum is pretty easy to cut.  If it's just a simple notch of an inch or less use the cutoff wheel on both sides of the notch, then bend the tab until it breaks off.  Then clean it up with a rotary file, small hand file or whatever you can get into said small notch.  This can all also be done with a hack saw and the right size file.


This is just a guess.  Without pics or measurements on how deep you have to notch, it's hard to say.


Or...  I'll get my ass kicked for this one.  You can cut off the iron sight and run back up iron sites if you are using an optic.  This would be my last choice and I'd REALLY have to want that rail forever.  But, at that point it's really no different than a rifle such as my flat top AR.  I'm running a scope on it with magpul back up irons.  

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Thanks folks, that sounds like it would be doable.  I don't have measurements, it is too early into it right now.  I'm guessing 1 or 2 inches.


I would never cut off the tromix sights... but if I REALLY wanted to do something like that I might press off the gas block and replace it with a factory one.

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